confused about ov

Hi ladies. Dunno whether anyone can answer this question or not but I was due to OV next Sat. This weekend I had OV pains. ewcm and a positive OPK. Had been charting temps but they had been all over the place since the beginning - think it cos i not been testing at exactly same time everyday due to being off work.

Anyway today I all of a sudden have no signs whatsover of OV. my ewcm has gone, noOV pains and my temp has dropped really low.

I will do another OPK this afternoon - but could it have been wrong? Could I have been confused? ANyone else experiecne this?


  • Hi Sn,
    it is possible to get a lh surge but not ov. At the same time though symptoms do dissapear after ov. No way of knowing for sure. If it were me I'd keep bd'ing incase you get another surge x
  • Heey thanks for your reply.
    Did an OPK and still came out positive!
    SO when do I count 1 dpo from ? Cos technically not due Af for another 3 weeks. Although ahd a longer than average cycle last month - maybe this will be shorter?
  • Ah you've got me there!
    I got +ve for 2 days too. The day after the 2nd +ve my symptoms totally went so I counted that as 1dpo. BUT I don't know if this is right, found so many conflicting opinions on when ov actually happens after a +ve opk.
    If your symptoms went today then maybe you ov'ed yesterday?? lol

    It's nice to hear someone else is as confused as me (meant in the nicest way possible) x
  • LOL I have no idea when I OVd, whether I have already OVd, or what haha. Think I will jsut keep BDing till OH cant take it anymore haha!!
  • Hi snugglenush - strange really dont know what to say other than I havent had a positive yet just getting a faint line and a stronger line and last month, first time I used an OPK on day I was supposed to I got 2 strong lines straight away.

    All this is really starting to mess with my head now and am down to 2 OPK's so I think we will just have regular BDing and see where that takes us!!

    Am sick of feeling fed up every month and its only month 2.

    Sorry for the little rant just was sure I was going to ov this weekend as like you had strong ov symptoms and then bang they are gone............

    Good luck hun xx
  • Hi hun, I have had 2 days of positive ov's as well, the way I take it is the first positive must have been when the surge was beginning and the second was when it was on the way down again so I would count the first negative you get as 1dpo, hope that helps a little xx
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