coming off cilest

hi can anyone help!!

my husband and i decided that this year we would try for a baby, so in november last year i came off cilest to give my body time to adjust before trying for a baby,

since then the lengh of my cycle has increased, first month 28 days, then 35, and since then it has been steady at around 38 days. until this month.

i was due on on the 2nd May, and still nothing, we got really excited and have done quite a few tests all negative,

I know that it is normal to miss periods after coming off the contraceptive pill, but i though that was straight away.

i just wondered has anyone else experienced this?


  • I was on cilest hun but I didnt experience the problems that you are having. It will be 3 yrs ago in august I finished my cycle of pills and 28 days later had a period and have done ever since until march this year when out of the blue my periods stopped.
  • I was on Cilest too - and didn't experience any problems when coming off it. I stopped taking it about 1.5yrs ago now. My cycles went straight to 28-days and I'm pretty 'normal' I would say. Probably in the minority...
    My cycles are now about 26-days ish on average. Quite short.

    Good luck xxxxxx
  • Sorry I can't help, but wanted to welcome you to this forum. We are a very friendly bunch.
  • Hun I was taking cilest before having Zara & I experienced the exact same as what you are saying. My 1st was 28 & then it went to the late 30's for a few months & then it was 43 before going back to late 30's again. I drove me mad & in the end I went to the dr about it & she done the 21 day blood test which showed the pill was still in my system so she prescribed clomid to kick start things again which worked
  • thank you for that it's put my mind at rest, i'll pop to the doctors so that they can check me over.
  • Good luck. Let me know how you get on xx
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