Stupid thing to have done

I just peeked at the Pregnancy forum. I don't even know why! And my word, its made me jealous. Hearing about birth plans, and even things like acid reflux has made me a bit teary for some reason.

Now, someone tell me that a) my time will come but its silly to torture myself right now and b) to get on with my work: there's a five o'clock deadline I'm in danger of missing.

Stupid Flush.


  • ahh flush, dont be sad.
    Ive done that 2 and ive only been a member a week!

    Its just too tempted to see what we could be talking about in the future.

    Im with you on the work front - need to get out of here!
  • Thanks Mrs Dickinson. It is a bit silly, isn't it? But too tempting to resist....
  • oh now i wanna go on there!!!! i must resist if its made you feel bad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You will get your chance to go on there for real soon xxxxx
  • i look too!!!! we'll all b there soon honey image PMA!!!!!!!! XXXXX
  • Its not silly at all, its quite normal to be interested in the pregnancy chat, same wasy i was interested in chat on here before I was TTC.
    Im really imaptient, with everything, so I knew I would be dipping all over this site!
  • I know what you mean, I stupidly read a thread on another forum about baby names and it got me all upset that I don't have a baby to name!!!!!

    We haven't been trying for long but I'm already feeling annoyed and impatient!

    How long have you been trying?
  • Since the end of March, so really not long at all. My cycles have been a bit messed up since stopping the pill, so I'm not sure I've actually ov'ed yet - all the more reason to stay away from pregnancy forums!

    How long have you been trying Rach?
  • Thanks St Bertie - so good of you to hang around on the ttc forums to keep up our PMA and remind us that people do conceive!

    My OH doesn't want to talk about ttc. He's of the 'it'll happen soon, and when it does, it'll be exciting" school, but he's not one for speculating before the event....
  • Sounds like my oh Flush, he just reckons that it will happen when it happens and we shouldn't worry or think about it too much.
    I just saw the loveliest baby in Tescos, gurgling and grinning at me and I swear my womb ached. Made me a bit teary actually. image
  • Flush - I only came off the pill on 23rd May, so I have no excuse to be impatient really! My OH sounds the same as yours, doesn't want to talk about it, wait and see attitude! So frustrating, esp when I've found info out on the internet and want to talk to him about it but he's just not interested!!!!

    Have your docs been helpful?
  • Yes - in that they've done blood tests which don't ring alarm bells for them. Although if its not in a regular cycle at the end of the month (when I'm back from holiday), I'll go back and ask for Clomid.

    Rach and Lulabellarama (sorry it made you teary - I ache inside when I see them too) - it must just be the male attitude to it all! I see babies and melt, and he even points babies out for me to stare at, but he doesn't see the point in discussing it. It is so frustrating!

    Although, I can't imagine how angsty I'd get if the two of us were obsessing. However, surely there's a happy medium?
  • Easy flush - I peeked into the pregnancy forums a few times. Perhaps this is PMA / wishful are not alone

    Think perhpas most of the ladies here have
    OH ps rather off topic but I bought insect repellent DEET from outdoor pursuits type website and used the fluid to treat my clothes old combat trousers and some tops I bought ages ago. Wore these at night when we were in kenya so I didn't have to cover myself in awful gooey URGh.
  • Thanks J-Jenko - good tip on the DEET. I'll take a trip to Millets at the weekend. Last time I went to Europe in the summer, I was hideously bitten and ended up with vile septic bites (tmi) so I'm determined to avoid that this year.

    I worry that I've tempted Fate by looking at the pregnancy forums! I know it is ridiculous but I have now made a pact with myself not to do it again!
  • Oh and I spend aaages looking on the other forums - it's perfectly natural.
  • Thanks Lulabellarama - how long have you been ttc for, if that's not too hideously nosy?
  • Oh I'm only on month 2, so have no right to be getting so worked up - but I was ready to ttc about a year ago so feel like it's been much longer.
  • I know the feeling. I stopped the pill at the end of March, after getting married.

    My OH had been saying we could ttc any time I wanted for about eighteen months. Which makes his lack of excitement/obsession about it now even more puzzling....
  • We need to accept that men are just massively different to us. They don't look forward to stuff and visualise it in the same way women do - they need something there in front of them to get worked up about - I mean think about sex - they want big, bouncing boobs and scantily clad bums, we just want someone to say the right words...
  • I think you're right. Until we get a BFP, my OH can't visualise it at all. Therefore, he can't get worked up about it.

    Hard not to nag him, but I know that if I want lots of BD, its best to keep quiet and hope that actions speak louder than words, so to speak...
  • I thik it reduces the pressure on them if they don't know all the ins and outs anyway, so we probably get it easier than others!
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