New to this and need some help! (TMI!, Sorry!)

Happy new year everyone!
Me and OH have just started TTC but I am completely clueless about the whole thing!
I stopped the pill 3 weeks ago and 2 days ago started what I thought was a period, however, and this maybe TMI, it only lasted the afternoon and it was brown blood not red? Is this normal or is my body playing tricks?
Also would I class that as CD1 so CD 3 today?
Help please!


  • I'm sorry i'm not sure, but I do know that I came off the pill a couple of years ago (not for baby reasons) and I had really weird brown spotting whilst my body was adjusting, so hopefully it will sort itself out. Not sure about CD1 tho. I am coming off the pill next week, so would be interested to hear any other replies on this thread : ) xxx
  • I came off my pill back in December and once I had my withdrawal bleed, I had nothing since then. I know for sure my period will be late this month (should be due Thursday if I had a normal 28 day cycle) Last time I came off the pill I think it was about 40 days to get my proper periods again.

    I wouldn't count the discharge as CD1 as that should be a full day of proper bleeding. The brown stuff sounds like old 'gunk' not fresh (this sounds so gross lol)
  • Bummer! Really thought that was it, have had bad period pains too!Have read so many horror stories about it taking anywhere up to a year for your periods to re appear after the pill, heres hoping it wont be like that for me, PMA, lol!
    Should I wait for that first period to make an appearance before ttc?
    Me and OH have done a fair bit of bding since the end of my pill already! image
    When do you noramlly ov (without using sticks) is it around cd14-17?
  • I know - I got so scared when I started reading about how long it could take to get back to normal. We're ttc this month, was meant to wait till May but hubby got all excited about being a dad before he is 30 (bday is in Nov.) so we decided to try earlier. So now I'm in a quandry about when I should do a pg test. Think I will wait till the 19th and if no AF will take my first test.

    Regarding OV'ing if you have a normal 28 day cycle then yes I think its about day 14-17. I'm on CD26 and am tracking my temps and think I OV'd yesterday/today.

    This is soo exciting isn't it?! Was just in a meeting and drifted away in my own private world thinking OMG I could be pregnant!!!
  • :lol:I know what you mean, it's really exciting but also a bit scary all rolled into one!
    Just wish I could have a period now so that we can get cracking! That is the first time I have wished for my period, lol! And also the last!
    Af if you can hear me come this once then bugger off for 9 months!
  • hi girls, i am in the same position as you too - had my withdrawal and now waiting for real AF - if i had 28 cycle, i would be 3 days over due - WISH it would come, so much,
    i have heard of this 'herbal' thing called agnus castus and its meant to re-regulate your monthyl cycle, so could be worth a go. i looked in holland and barrat at lunch and its ??4.99 for about a month's worth.
    have heard some people take it and have AF the next day! xx
  • :lol: I am wishing my would come soon to :lol:

    Its a pain AF played about when i came off the pill.

    Wouldnt want to get you all excited but if you ov'd on cd14 ish that would make you 10dpo ish - my point being it could be implantation bleeding.
    When i came off the pill in 2005 i had my bfp 3w.4d after coming off the pill image

    Other wise she could be messing with you she is mean like that image

    Good Luck gem x

  • yea i wud say it was withdrawal bleed, hard to say what ur on so i would bonk bonk bonk every other day and if you get next af use that as cd1 to start afresh and keep track. i had real AF 30 days after first day of withdrawal bleed xxx good luck hun hope to see more of u, not for too long of course so u have BFP xxx
  • My last pill was taken on 26th December, so only 10 days ago, think that is a bit soon to have ov'ed yet!?
    Was just so strange that I have had bad cramps and headaches (which I always get when the witch is on her way) and then the brown discharge with a little red, really thought that was her on the way, next day and nothing! And now the cramps have gone too!
    Really hope everything gets back in the swing soon, I WANT A BABY!
  • Hey babyboo2u ,

    I came off the pill at end of Oct and had my normal withdrawl bleed but then had spotting very similar to you - brown and a bit red - about 10 days later. I then got my first real period on CD26 and have beenhaving normal cycles since then. I also had the cramps and headaches - think it was just my body finally being able to do it's own thing again and sorting itself out. Good luck, hope you get sorted soon!!!.x.
  • Trixie I hope I follow in your steps then!
    I was on cerazette before so never had withdrawl bleeds or a pill free weeks as you have to run them pills on continuously. Have heard some nightmares about that pill now, wish I knew back then what I do now, would never have gone on to it!
  • Hi babyboo, I'm pretty much in the same situation as you and the other girls. Came off the pill in Nov, WB as normal then AF arrived around CD33. No cramps, just a light brownish disharge with a bit of pink thrown in for good measure - nice eh! This lasted about 4 days total and I did count the 1st day as CD1 so I am CD 7 or 8 today. I'm probably way off target but until the real thing arrives I figure it's better to be charting something, makes me feel more in control, even if I'm wrong!!

    Good luck, hope you get back to a normal cycle soon.
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