when should you worry?

hi ladies...

i just wanted to know something...how long should you TTC before going to the docs?..im 30 and dont wanna leave it too long , i have no children xx image

how long have people been TTC? xx


  • Hi booey

    We are on month 9 ttc and looks like we are going into month 10. We have already approached our doctors who have said they don't see us until a year had passed since we started ttc. I'm 28 and have been married 4 years, I was on the pill for 12 years and I getting really fed up now!
  • Hi hun im not 100 % sure but i think its around the 12 month mark before doctors will do anything.Also if you where on the pill that can sometimes take a long time to get out of your system. How long have you been ttc ? image x
  • Hi,

    I think they like you to have been trying at least 6-12 months before they will do anything hon, unless you have any underlying problems such as PCOS. Also your fertility supposedly only starts to decrease after 35? Not 100% sure on that point though...I am 35 so thats maybe why it rings a bell...
  • Yeah under 35 is a year ttc and over 35 is 6 months ttc

    good luck honey hope it happens for you soon xx
  • Thanks ladies. . This Will be month three i no its not very long. Just
    seems it lol. . Hopefully with my new cbfm i Will be lucky x X
  • Have heard lots of success stories of bfp's with CBFM so good Luck hon xx
  • lol little wolf if only!!image x
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