What do u all think?

Hello! CD25 and today I went to the toilet and their was White discharge in my pants, also they are absolutley wet through (sorry tmi !!) do we think this could be a symptom? Last week I had brown stains in my underwear but nothing when I wiped - so confused! Xxx


  • Hi Kate im on CD24 and have had white discharge too, had spots of blood on CD20 too with horrible pains. i am very confused too i hope they r symptoms, sending you lots of baby dust xxxx
  • sounds good BK. have all my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!!

  • Oooh, it sounds hopeful! I have no personal experience, being in the same position as you (first cycle after implant coming out) but it does sound like the brown stains could perhaps have had implantation bleeding. And I have seen a few people on here post that they got lots of CM / felt very 'wet' down below in early pregnancy... My fingers are crossed for you! It would be wonderful to be lucky in your first month of trying! xx
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