Going mad ss already!!!

Ok so I am 8 dpo today and am driving myself crazy with symptom spotting already.....I have been having lots of cramping/pulling feeling, sore boobs (never get them usually) some nausea ( could be metformin though..) ...am determined not to test til at least friday (AF due sunday)

Someone shoot me.....


  • isn't symptom sptting a mare!!! I know exactly how you feel though as I get nauseau, I'm on Metformin too, and I can't help thinking ooh what if! This month I have had a sore left boob only,so not sure what that is all about!! My AF is due today but as yet no sign, won't be testing until Friday though if she stays away ,right now though I very much doubt I will have the willpower to wait till then!
  • it so is katielou...I was determined to be calm and not get obsessed but I am just so broody..

    Good Luck hon, sounds positive for you xx
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