hi...please can someone help??

hi everyone, ttc and lmp was 2nd may....normal 28day cycle and ovulate around 14th
did ovulation calc and said from 12th onwards...have had sex everyday...took period like pains on sat 22nd felt a bit nauseas. didnt have any spotting or anything tho. been cryin for nothing but not sure if it cause af is due this monday 31st may. could that pain have been implantation? really want a baby, took a test on monday 24th and it was negative, was this too early?..thanks xxx


  • Hi rhill, i would say it may be too early. I think about 4 days before period is due is the earliest you can test and even then they can get it wrong. Hopefully you will get your BFP in a few days. Good luck x
  • thanks tilly28 i will keep u posted!
  • Your dates and mine are just about identical!

    Yes, a bit early too test - I'm trying to hold off to Sunday at the earliest...

    Not every woman has implantation bleeds or cramping but could be - alot of ladies do have cramps leading up to a bfp... I've been having period like cramps since last week too so trying to remain calm (I know easier said than done!) and not ss too much!!

    GL to you - it would be great if we both got our bfps this w/e!

  • hiya yey u can b my new ttc buddy lol! i really hope it works! although this is only my first month of trying, so dont wanna get hopes up. got new tests today so gonna hold off til sunday...dont want another neg if i have to try testin again anyway may aswell know for sure!! how long have u been trying? O its so exciting...All the best xxxxx
  • Hiya, I'm say its a bit early. I used a FR test that should pick up a pregnancy 6 days before AF due on my cd32 of a 28day cycle and nothing. Used SD test on cd35 and BFP. The longer you can hold out the better as the line will be stronger x
  • thanks rockyroad and congrats image
  • Hi girls my dates are the same aswell and i am really dying to test but im going to hold off till saturday morning even though af is not due till sunday!! FINGERS CROSSED we get our bfp!!good luck.
    luv clare

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