OMG Am going to be a MOMMY!! :D [color=red]Update with Pics[

Hi all

I have been a bit sceptical about posting anything because I thought the lines could have been in my head again so I have been testing on ebay cheapies since wed and FRER since thur morning only done the FRER in the morning.

Finally after 9 v.faint lines I am ready to accept that this is really happening and we have conceived an anniversary bubs!!

Am so excited, scared, feeling so emotional I started crying last night in the pics at the advert for the film letters to juliet whilst waiting for SATC2 and thought to myself then hmm........

I have been feeling really sick the past few days, think its with being a bit dehydrated and having a bit of heat stroke. I feel dizzy and very off sorts too, also so bloated and crampy no implantation bleeding or spotting and have quite a bit of creamy cm.

Fingers crossed I have a sticky bean and thank you all for your support over the last 6 months its been a real emotional rollercoaster!!

Ps am sticking around here until I do a CBD in a few days as have now ran out of tests and only have ebay cheapies left. The lines are there on all 9 tests I even took the FRER this morning apart and faint pink line. When I do a CBD I will post a pic as dont quite believe all these lines but am so excited.

Hope you all join me soon

Ps I started testing on wednesday when I was 11/12dpo so not too early, have a 15/16 day lp so AF due tomorrow or mon but I have a good feeling she wont be arriving and am boarding a DUE IN plane very soon.


image image image

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  • congrats. am soooooooo happy for u. a line is a line after all. the wedding will be a non drinking one for u now........

    H&H nine months hun

  • Yay!!!

    Congratulations hun!! Just goes to show the whole relaxing thing works! Might book me a hol image
  • Thanks to both of so nervous incase its wrong but 9 lines on tests they are faint but there I can see them but I know what am looking for.

    Wish I could do a CBD to confirm but have been drinkin loads of fluid so prob no point due to the heatstroke image

    Yeah Lady2188 book a hol its a must and you get loads of sex he he!!

    Am just watching my wedding DVD now, hubby at work he he image

  • Congratulations, hope you have a h&h 9 months x
  • Aah, so chuffed for you! Congrats hon!

    Hannah xx
  • Congrats SD!!!! So pleased for you! 9 tests can't be wrong!image xxx
  • Cry Ive just done a CBD this afternoon and it said NP but my urine was clear could it be too diluted??

  • Yeah hun, I wouldn't do a cbd today just in case. There not all that sensitive. I got a not pregnant on one of them even though I was getting fair lines on all other tests. So even if you don't get "pregnant" tomorrow I wouldn't worry too much.

    What a lovely anniverary present!

    Hope all goes well,

    Lots of love
  • Thanks thats made me feel a bit better, I hate CBD tests but I do have v.faint lines on all the other tests just wish the lines would get stronger to photograph then I wont think its all in my head again!!

  • Congrats honey x x x
  • hun i didnt get a preg 1-2 untill i was 16dpo

    xx best of luck xx

    gembags x
  • hun i didnt get a preg 1-2 untill i was 16dpo

    xx best of luck xx

    gembags x
  • OH MY GOD, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Cant believe your going to be leaving me! image hehe, you deserve it. I knew all you had to do was relax and it would happen. :\)

    Hope its sticky for you!

  • Congratulations SD! Hope its a sticky one, you deserve it!
  • Must of being replying together lol. Don't worry about the cbd. Like I say there rubbish for sensitivity.

    I got pregnant on cbd 2 days after my bfp and then it took another week to move to 2-3 so must just only have got it to show 2 days after bfp.

    I have no idea how to upload pics tho hun, I'm a phone user too!

  • SD, I've not had the courage to do a CBD yet for that very reason. I think you need to stay confident in the positives you have aleady had, that's what I'm trying to do! x
  • Congratulations!! Xx
  • OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I've just read the title of your thread and burst into tears of joy!!! Pregnancy hormones are all over the shop! Congratulations pet, I'm soooooooooooooooooo happy for you!!!! xx
  • Congratulations x
  • Oh my god. Huge congratulations! You're off to due in Feb image I got a 'pregnant 1-2' with our ds at 12dpo but it was with fmu and you might just not have enough HCG in diluted wee, or have implanted late!
    Have a fantastic pregnancy, enjoy every second x
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