trying tonight any suggestions?

hi im currently trying for my second baby and have been told to try everyother day between cd10 and 18? well today is day 10. has anyone got any tips eg. lying upside down afterwards? xx


  • i will recommend :
    * lying for 10mins or more afterwards.
    * female orgasm after ejaculation (Sorry tmi), but they say contraction help draw sperms in.
    * some positions help ejaculate sperms closer to cervix
    *don't use lubricants unless sperm friendly (nor saliva)
    * and enjoy it image
  • some positions are called the less than favourable one in my house lol and thats doggy :lol:

    but what Riham has mentioned should be enough chick,just relax and enjoy it x
  • grudie lol but it one of the position that helps when TTC :P
  • lol i no chick but i really do hate it,makes me feel like im a piece of meat :lol:
  • I recommend pre seed, its a sperm friendly lubricant that helps ur bits the right acidity for the spermys to do there thing!!!
  • doggy good? But its so hard to get back to lay flat!!!
  • Hi riham is siliva good or bad??I never even thought about that befor!
    Aw and enjoy!
  • I think salivas bad because it's not quite the right ph for the spermies!!
  • yes as Wispa said and I read in web sites that u shouldn't use saliva. But im sure some used it and still got PG. image
  • Aw thanks very much both u!!hope that does not mean av spoiled this month!
  • homeFairy,you just lay on your front,some people have a heart shaped cervix and doggy s recommended for that,laying on your front s the same as laying on your front image

    its been said that saliva kills sperm so not a good idea and for me a FABULOUS excuse lol :lol:
  • What a fantastic thread and a fantastic excuse not to have do the willy in the mouth scenario. I mean what is it with men why do they insist that we have to put that disgusting thing in our mouth? Then its I want you to swallow it as it turns me on...well ive got news for you buster it doesnt turn me on and if you want me to swallow that stuff then you can bloomin well kiss me afterwards and get some yourself! :lol:
  • this thread made me laugh...
    Am I glad that my OH doesn't like BJs so much LOL.
    Perhaps they are the modern men's way to avoid being a daddy seeing that saliva kills the swimmers? perhaps I try that way of contraception next time LOL!
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