On to month six........


13dpo today and started brown spotting so presuming the end if near for me! Totally more gutted this month than ever before. I've had to keep dashing into the loo to have a little cry today, all seems so unfair. Just feels like it's never going to happen.....

Just after a virtual hug really and a sprinkling of PMA.



  • **big hugs and lots of PMA being sent**

    If it is brown spotting it could be implantation? She hasn't shown yet so it is all good!! I have her well and truly occupied at the moment so I wil try and keep her away xx
  • Bless you hunny i know its wicked but the brown spotting may not be af may be a sign of pg so dont give up till af really shows her face. Do you normally get this before af?.
    sending u a big hug xxx
  • sending big hugs x
  • big hugs and sending some pma your way.
  • *mithical gives ladydonut a big hug*

    What they said! image xx
  • ((((((BIG HUG)))))), I'm keeping her well occupied too so lets hope shes not going to visit you!!xxxx
  • Hi ladydonut, hope it stays only brown bleeding, and the red witch stays away.
  • Bug hugs and lots of pma comming your way! And i was basically gonna say what the other girls have already said! xxx
  • Awww thanks ladies, just got up and read your responses. Afraid she got me late last night booooooo. She seems to get me on the 10th..... I got AF 10th May, 10th June and now 10th July!! Odd.

    Thanks for cheering me up.....

    Good luck to you all xxxx
  • Sorry to hear she found you but think of it this way, at least you can work out your fertile days better because of your cycle. Good luck for next month, lots of PMA sprinkled over your head and big hugs - have a drink tonightimage
  • Im sorry to hear that hun!! She got me too im on cd3 going into mth 6 of ttc too. Im determined to get it right this mth im gonna use ovk and test twice a day so that i dont miss it!! Im full of pma so ill send you some too! Good luck with mth 6, its gonna be our mth. xxxxx
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