Worried for my friendq

You know I told you girls my friend Kate told me she was 5 weeks gone well she just came to me and said she has been bleeding brown blood and has had awful pain in my sides so bad it woke her up last night twice. She called her GP and they are getting her in for an early scan this wed.

She said this is how it started off last time when she had a MC image

k XX


  • Sorry to hear your friend is bleeding and in pain,i'm hoping that it isn't anything too bad and everything is crossed.x
  • Thanks girls i feel so sad for her you can see she is trying to be brave I did not know what to say?

    I sit near the loos and she is in and out so i am worried for her image I did say to her though that i had read on here some women have it and that it turns out to be nothing and all fine, I have everything crossed for her.

    K xxx
  • god how awful lets hope its nothing serious x


  • I will keep my fingers crossed for her too
  • If I remember sevans thought she might be mc, but it turned out ok. I think her post was....Hope I won't be back, but I might. I have had a quick look at the post she put on Pregnacy forum, and lots of ladies had brown bleeds with no problems later on. Most had early scans though. xx
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