Hey guys im a new member on here and have been browsing thro your posts. Im a day late and this is our first month trying to concieve. Im npot going to do a test until Im 7 days late...I know it seems like im calm about that...Im not lol. I just really dont want to get a faulse negative, all this waiting tho is driving me mad. I know that it wold be too early yo get most symptoms but I wanted rto share some things that I have been experiencing and see if anyone else is the same.

Firstly in the past 3 days I have had cramping......not as bad as period pain, but noticable, and little bubbly feelings almost a twitch that feels like its inside. I laso have lots of a very clear discharge (sorry ,lol) My back hurts, I keep crying and its weird I have felt as tho Im due like I feel like I need to put a pad on but then whenb I go to the loo I dont.....very odd. My 28th day was yesterday and im a mix of emotions, happy, scared, anxious, getting fed up lol. I dont really know what to expect and I certainly did not think it would be this soon but im so regular normally........anyway would love to hear any strange symptoms, or hear of anyone going thro similar


  • Hello
    I'm new on here too! Ive been reading all the threads for months and months and for some reason tonight ive actually decided to post on here. I think its because i related to your thread. We got married in June and we have been trying since. We only started to take it serious from September. Since the beginning of June ive been tracking my dates and my days. I still dont know all the short codes that people use on here so you have to bare with me. Im usually 28 days. The months of August was a stressful month so i was only 25 days (which was odd) but the day i got back from to work after honeymoon i was told i was being made redundant. My 28th day was Thursday of last week and today its 31 days. I have been getting period pains/cramps and ive been a bit grumpy.Ive got sore boobs and feel tired but no AF. It's early days so im going to see if AF arrives overnight. I did a first response test 6 days before the 28th day and it was BFN so i dont know what is going on.Its bizarr!!Because we have had a few BFN im just taking it as 'what ever happens'. I would really love a baby though.
  • Thanks for the reply! Well I have woken up this morning feeling sick as a pig
    image Like right deep down in my tummy its like a horribpe sick b4 u throw up. Not been sick yet but having an issue getting my porridge down me as we speak. Im just confused as to when to do a test really. Im 30 days now so I guess I should really test right.....? But my husband says to got to the drs and then if my period is late for another reason that can be looked into. Do you ever feel like a test will always be negative? I just cant imagine doing one and it saying yes!
    Im so sorry you were made redundent, thats harsh but hey at least you dont work in a challenging behaviour unit. I feel like im going to be under so much stress to keep myself safe. Please let me know your outcome. xx
  • Mrs Bear - I'm on my 29th day today - I have tested a few times with the cheapy tests that are supposed to be super sensitive and got BFN's, so If I was you I would wait until your about a week late for AF or longer if you can?
  • Hello MrsBear,

    Is your cycle very regular? I was just wondering because if you have just come off the pill then your cycles may be longer to start with so you may not be "late" as such... Being regular on the pill is not the same as being regular off it!

    Having said that, I came off the pill and got my BFP (Big Fat Positive) about 33 days later. I tested at 28 days for a bit of a laugh not expecting anything and I got a negative. Then I had some spotting that I thought was my period but it was so light that I tested again a few days later and up came a line. The same could quite easily happen to you!

    And June bride - if you tested 6 days before your period was due then I wouldn't take that as a definite... these tests are very unreliable that early. Always best to wait until you are late to be sure. But it might be time to test again...

    Good luck all!
  • Well....
    Because i was made redundant i'm working part time at the minute.I rushed toTesco to buy there own pregnancy test before work, dashed to work and on my break i did a quick test. I had one proper line (which i'm use to because of negative test i've done before) and there was one faint line which i could see quite well. To cut a long story short i did another test when i got home which i was scared about because I didn't want my faint line to go. I got the same faint line on test two.I then quickly went to Tesco to buy a digital clear blue AND GUESS WHAT??? I'm 1-2 weeks pregnant but my last period was 23rd October so im 4 weeks pregnant some websites say.I'm stilI getting to grips with things. I had such a cry. Me an hubby just hugged each other for ages in the front room.I feel strange. I feel sick.I feel all the symptoms you are feeling Mrsbear.Just thought i would let you know how i got on.How are you?
  • My last 3 periods have all been 28 days each so im gonna use that as my guide. Still no sign of mother nature...Im goona test on Sat when Im a week late so that I can be sure its just not a few days late will have been 35 days since last period....

    Im so pleased your preganant!!!! Thats amazing please keep in touch and I might have some amazing news too. I know how u feel I was sat with my husband just now and cryed, Im scared if I am its too soon we only got married on November the 6th and we did not think it would happen this soon. Works out I was most fertile tho on our wedding night so errrrmmm possiblity is pretty high wat with being on honeymoon also.....lol. Im also scared incase I get a negative as all the things I feel inmy body are real and I dont wont my husband to think Im a hypocondriact (scuse spelling!!!)
    I guess I just cant imagaing it saying pregnant!!!

    Please look after yourself and remember its ok to feel emotional its an amazing thing and I want one so much but Im still going to be scared!!! Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

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