So its onto month 14 for us & I'm thinking I've tried most things, but got nowhere.

So I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies could point me in the right direction to some supplements for my OH & me. I am currenly taking the recommended dose of Folic Acid but nothing else.

I've heard Zinc is good for men, but wondered if anyone has heard of anything else? I'd like to not spend too much as we've just bought a CBFM, testing sticks & preseed so last month was an expensive month.

Any help would be greatly received.

Curls xx


  • Hey Curls,

    How are you?? Hope you dont mind me gatecrashing!!

    Just wanted to say that my hubby started taking a zinc supplement and I think we got our bfp within a couple of months!! Gotta be worth a try?? image xx
  • I'm OK...AF got me today so feeling really down today...!!! Will have to get to the health food shop this week I think image
    Then I think I'm going to go to the doctors for some more advice if we dont get our BFP this month.

    How are you? xx
  • Sorry to hear the witch got you, dont give up hope though we were 18 months before we got our bfp!!

    Im good thanks, cant believe its sunday already, just killing some time whilst hubby watches the grand prix!!

    Hopefully someone else will have some good suggestions for you this month and failing that maybe your GP is the way to go.....hope you feel better soon chick!! image xx
  • with my first i cut out caffeine and took sanatogen muti vitamins and got my bfp first month of trying! may have just been a lucky coincidence. Now on the 2ww so we wil see if it worked again!
    good luck Hun, heard pre-seed meant to be good.xx
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