im out :(

Started spotting yesterday and woke up this morning to full blown af. Month 5 it is then. I actually feel quite positive for this cycle for once. I bought some preseed with 35 ov tests and 15 pg tests for ??17 off ebay (i thought that was really good). Hope everyone is ok xx


  • Sorry to hear af got ya but pleased you are feeling positive and sounds like you got a great deal on Ebay!

    Baby dust to u and everyone else (including me, hehe)

    L x
  • Hi Sammi, soor to hear that. but it is good that you are positive, keep that PMA. That is my plan too Also ordered some of that preseed, see if it works! AF arrived yesterday image I was gutted but woke up this morning thinking positive!
    Good luck to you, March might be your lucky month x
  • awwwww huni keep going! preseed sounds good i think i might get some too! every month you dont conceive is another month closer to when you do!!!! stay happy! image

    *sprinkle sprinkle*
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