been to the docs today

my af is now 2 weeks late, and i decided to go to the doctors this morning, just to see where i stand. he was confused cos ive lost weight, and that should at least make my periods more regular not the opposite effect. he asked me some questions linked with pcos, and ive got to have a blood test next tues to check my hormone levels. i was wondering if you ladies have pcos or are in the same situation as me. i feel a bit gutted cos i know havin pcos means it can be a bit harder concieving a baby. and i should be grateful that ive got two lovely boys of my own, theyre not my partners, it would just be lovely to have a baby with him, just taking ages, and i feel like its never gonna happen, sorry for the rant, feel better getting that off my chest now xx


  • Hi Soap87

    Sadly I don't have any words or wisdom but didn't want to read and run - at least the doctor is doing some test and fingers crossed you get the results you want. Keep your chin up hun, your time will come (as I hope all of ours will). Rant away - it certainly helps me feel better when I do! image

    Lolli x
  • hope he can help, it might be worth having a peek in the PCOS forum x
  • Hi Soap, i'm in a similar situation to you where i have 1ds from previous relationship and really want another with my hubby.

    Ive been diagnosed with pcos a few months ago, hopefully this isn't the case for you, but if so there is lots that can be done to help with ttc.

    Good luck x x
  • No helpful advice hun, just wanted 2 say hope year ok. Sendin big
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