Just wanted to share with you lovely ladies

It has been a really weird couple of weeks and I haven't been on for a bit - sorry - I've missed you ladies!!!

Weeeellll. Husband and I have not been 'trying seriously' IYSWIM, just not being careful... I have been awaiting a decision from work about a key job I have been shortlisted for. It's a career making one and I am so honoured to have been selected for the short list, and given how much it would help my career I didn't want to do anything definite re: a baby until I knew either way (but if fate decided then that would be fine - I know this probably sounds mad).
Over the last two weeks I have agonised about this job, do I really want it, am I pursuing it for the right reasons, how will it affect my marriage (the job is v stressful and involves long hours). Yesterday there were rumours flying around the office that someone else had got the job and all I felt was relief - crazy I know. However, soon afterwards my boss told me that interviews were organised for later on this month (so the rumour had been just that, a rumour), I took my relief at the prospect of someone else having the job and my general unease over the last few weeks, as a sign and this morning pulled out the process. I got some lovely emails from management which I was touched by, but I realise I want to be more focussed on my home life, on Husband and our little family.
So this evening I am going to chat to Husband about trying for a baby 'properly'. Maybe not immediately but I feel so happy and liberated by this decision not to continue pursuing the job. I am happy in my current job, I have a wonderful, supportive team and I want to put more effort into my marriage.
This has been a massive ramble, sorry, but I just feel like I have finally got my priorities straight.
Happy weekend everyone - goodluck with the babymaking!!!


  • Hi Pozzee_Pod - I've not seen you on here, but didn't want to read and run. Well done on making the decision - I too am a 'career girl' and decisions on next moves etc are really hard when you're at this stage of starting to TTC.

    Big hugs, get BDing, and hope you get there quick!!

  • Really pleased for youimage You seem really happy and settled with your decision.
  • Thanks ladies! It's not something I can really discuss with friends as I don't want anyone to know we might be trying.
  • Aw thats such a lovely decision hun and am sure you hubby will be made up you seem like you have a high flying career but no reason why you cant have both in the end.Good luck with trying hun xx
  • Thanks for all the support. All my friends will think I am nuts for passing up on this opportunity but I just know in my heart this it is right thing. Husband is on his way home and I have a special meal planned. Also my period just started, which I take as a further sign of a 'new beginning' - sorry if that was TMI!
    Off to prepare the salad and enjoy a glass of vino (while I can!),
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