1st AF after coming off pill

Hi gals,

Just after a bit of advice really, as i'm new to 'not being on the pill!'
I came off the pill on Monday 30th and had AF for 2 days on 2nd and 3rd Dec.

Now, is my due date 2nd Jan? Or do I need to wait for a 'real' AF to come first and count from then for my ov date? Just so I know whether to get my hopes up this month, with BDing around the 16th!

Also....how many days after ov do you do a test?!

THANKS! image


  • Hello,
    Welcome to TTC image

    Do u know how many days your cycle was before you went on the pill.
    Average is 28. Although a 2 day AF is lucky when i came off the ill mine lasted almost 2 weeks image
    Afetr coming off the pill i had crazy cycles and mine took 40+ then 92days in between AF. after a year it settled to 28days

    U can use a test 14 dpo (days past OV) althought it may show from about 10 image

    Good Luck and hope you are not ttc for long x


    Month 16 TTC #2

    Gems xx
  • thanks gembags!
    i am assuming....and i dont want to sound super stupid here....but i can conceive before having first 'real' af cant i? therefore, if i bd around the 14days after last af - i could be in with a chance? i totally understand that i prob wont get pg that quick, but you never know, so just want to know whether to try or not?
  • Hi Livvy,

    Yes your assumptions are right, you can get PG this cycle. You will ovulate around 14 days before your next AF so If you start BDing around 12 days after your last AF and keep at in for about a Week you hopefully should have covered it. I came off the pill on 1st Nov and my first cycle was exactly 28 days, we didn't catch on our first cycle. All the best.
  • oooh, how exciting - that means my 'test' day - should i need to do a pg test, would be xmas eve! good luck to you both image
  • Sorry to G/C but i got an unexpected but very much wanted BPF last month and didn't have any bleed at all after coming off the pill so it can happen hun! xx
  • Good luck Livvy, hope Santa brings you a BFP!! My AF is due on New Years Eve so hoping to get a BFP this year, fingers crossed image xx
  • Hi Livvy - just to give you another perspective, some women don't snap back into regular cycles straight after coming off the pill. You still do have a chance of falling pregnant (apparently you are quite fertile the first month off the pill!) and fingers crossed you do - but I just want to you hear the other side of the coin.....So your AF may not be due on 2nd Jan - do you remember the cycle length of your AFs before you went on the pill?

  • hi mrspp84 - and thanks everyone else for your replies....
    before i went on pill (seems like SOO long ago now!) i seem to remember being pretty much every month, so i'd say 28/29 days at least. x
  • darn it - just wrote a reply and it didnt post!!!!
    i was saying...my cycles before i went on pill (seems SO long ago now!) were, as far as i can remember - pretty much monthly, so 28-29 days at the least.
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