evap line of SD test and then a BFN :(

Hi ladies,

So, not sure when i ov - but know i have, as temps have been high for a while.
anyway - did another test yesterday morning and it was neg (i onl waited 45secs before putting in bin) when i wet back to it an hour later, there was a pretty strong pink second line!!! i didnt get too excited, as i knew it was after the 3 mins. so i did a test this morning and there was no line, not even after 10 mins! whats going on?!
i have used SD tests for 9 months and have alwys gone back to them after an hour and never seen even an incling of a second line....what do you make of this?!


  • sorry for all the typos!
  • I also got my hopes up with a sd test i got evaps on 3 different sd ones. if i peed in a cup and dipped them there was nothing but it i pee'd on the stick about an hr later a second pinky colour line appeared. think i must av been getting it too wet..lol
    u never know though just cos i got evaps doesnt mean yr s are evaps. yr not out till af appears.
    good luck Hun.xx
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