Am i pregnant?

trying for a baby for a few months

symptoms are low back ache, hot flushes, feelin sick, irritable and wat i think is implantation spotting


  • How many days till your af due or are you late?

    You very well could be when did you test? try again in 2-3 days, what test did you do?

  • You could go to doc to get a blood test they are more sensitive. Or leave it a few days and get a sensitive test like first respnse. x
  • I tested with first respone,
    Date of conception 29th, 1st, and 4th of feb! spotting came on, 14th feb, getting really bad lower back pain aswel ! I read that this could be implanation spotting. if that was right id b 3 weeks pregnant would i?
    My first pregnancy i found out when i was 4 weeks pregnant. going to test in a few days.
  • since implant came out my periods all messed up so dont know when im due on
  • Hey hun, I've had what I think is implantation spotting too, its only been the tiniest bit of pinky/brown cm, and only when I wipe (sorry tmi!!!!) but have also had 2 BFN's.
    Good luck chook! xxx
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