She found me

the witch found me this morning - must admit I did wonder why I woke up before my alarm! This has beenmy shortest month in ages 29 days. So today I am off to buy ov sticks - they worked before - so lots of pma for me this month as last month was tres awful! ximage


  • PMA coming your way! x
  • i am off to get ovulation sticks as well. i have my first period after mc but don't have a clue when period actually started as i had a smear last week which caused bleeding and then period now. going to have to get a bumper pack of tests. GOOD LUCK for this month
  • I'm off to buy ov sticks today too as af found me yesterday. Lets hope we all get our bfp's this cycle!!
  • I am sorry she found you honey here is some PMAimage

    k XX
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