OO i did it

oooo well i did it, i bought myself a cbfm and 40 test sticks, Don't think i can use it for a couple of cycles as they're a bit long, but thought i'd buy it while it was cheap and before it went back to full price. Really excited now, even hubby said it was a good idea, its the first thing he's kinda shown interest in, apart from bd :lol:
Feeling so broody at the moment, keep finding loads of things i want, hoping to move to a house soon and planning what to do with the spare room before it becomes a nursery. I'm a fanatical planner and with nothing going on, its driving me to distraction!


  • Good Luck hun hope it brings u a BFP xx
  • Hi Nilo! I've got my CBFM tucked away in a drawer waiting for AF to turn up so that I can start using it!! I'm now on CD87, grrrrrr!!! Desperate to try the little machine out and get started now that I've got it!
    Good luck to you!! xx
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