Symptom Spotting......

Hi all

ok ok, I know I'm really naughty to start this but I just can't help. I'm feeling a bit off and think I have a bug going round, but I have to be honest I'm also trying to convince myself not to get excited as they could also be pg symptoms.

Can someone please give me a slap and tell me to stop it. AF not due til Sunday/Monday. I really have to stop.

Alternatively, if you would like to share, then all responses are welcome. image



  • Hiya!
    I would love to give you a slap and say stop it = but I am the same ! lol ! I am about 5DPO and every little thing that happens,I am convincing myself its pg ! lol !!

    I have slightly painful boobs and mild AF cramps - and not due on yet - so I am building myself up for a bfp! lol !

    I need a slap too ! lol
  • teehee, so naughty!!!

    ok here are my symptoms, although they have tailed off to almost nothing now...boooo!!

    tiny bit of blood in cm when i went to the loo at dpo 7
    cramping/tugging/heavy/bloated feeling in my lower tummy

    But that is its also very likely that AF is on her broom making her way to me!

    x x x
  • I sucumbed and took and test and obviously it was BFN. I'm not due til Sunday/Monday. What was I thinking. I so need that slap., I don't know what I was thinking.

    V xx
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