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HI ladies, just wondering if anyone else out there has had positives (smiley face) on cb ov sticks and then switched to cheaper ones off ebay as they are skinflints (LOL) and not got positives? I switched this month and had ewcm yesterday but still no + on the ov sticks. Have I been too cheap??? Should I stick with the cb sticks??? Anyone else found the same. :\?

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  • Hey hun, i think the cheapies are just as gd..if anything better as the line gets darker eachday!!! Ive used cb dig as well, but couldnt justify forking out that much anymore, which is why i switched to cheapies!! I use access diagnostic ones, but have given babymad ones a whirl this month and got a positive on those 2!! Am in a dilema though as i had ewcm last wk and ov pain (hadnt used the ov sticks then..) but yesterday after loads of cramping i used them and got a very strong positive...so not sure were i am!!! Why cant it be easy!!! xxxxxxx
  • it's a pain this ttc isn't it!!! Just to throw the cat among the pigeons, I think I've read that Opk's can give a + if you are pg. Is that a possibility????
  • Lol ive read that too...and yes it is a possibility, havent used anything since my mc...am on day 25 today!!! Will see i guess...i thought af would be due a wk 2day so may test next monday...if bfn leave it a wk so if it was ov yesterday id be due then...does that make sense?!? xxxxxx
  • I used the ebay cheapy ones and they where great. The only thing you do tend to get a fade in fade out so generally when i start to get a faint line i will test about 3 times that day and at some point i get a strong line. Following day a faint line so it really is easy to miss the surge.
  • Have never used the CB ones so can't comment on them, but agree with the others who say the cheapie ones do their job - and the fade-in fade-out is actually really helpful, because then you know the window's approaching. I tended to make sure we got busy as soon as the second line looked ALMOST as strong as the control line.

    In answer to your question about ov sticks showing +ive when you've fallen pregnant - mine did. I was really confused because they kept coming up with a very strong second line in the latter part of my cycle so kept making hubby BD lots and lots! I thought the sticks were dodgy, but as it turned out it was because we'd conceived.

    Good luck!

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