4dpo sensitive (.)(.), slight cramping 3dpo????????

Hi, im now 4dpo and had told myself that i wasnt going to let myself symptom spot but i cant stop lol.

Yest at 3dpo i had on off slight cramping all day, then a bit of yellowyish cm at about 6pm (sorry tmi). i
also had sensitive nipples yest which are also feeling slightly slightly tender.

Today at 4dpo i havent had any cramping yet but ive still got sensitive nipples ( not quite as tender as yest but still very sensitive.)

oh ye ive also had a bit of a runny nose - although this is probs just a cold on its way lol.

Is it too early for me to get any symptoms like this??

thanks ladies babydust to you all xxxxx


  • has anyone else had these symptoms? xx
  • hi hun
    I'M 11dpo had cramping on and off,very sensitive (.)(.) and feeling heavy and a lot of cm!
  • Hi Hols81

    Im 10dpo, and feel just the same as you. Are you going to do an early pg test?
  • hiya...

    i really wanna test but only got the ones i got from duo-fertility site and im sure they only work day after AF due and im not due till about wed lol and im skint till thurs!! typical seen as the chemist is right on the corner of my rd lol

  • Oh thats a bummer! i'm 11dpo 2moro, and really don't kno what to do. I've got some cheap tests so i might just do one of those?
    Let me know how you get on?

  • i will do hun, i just been sick but prob getting a bug knowing my luck lol x
  • yes miss-mrs, Ive got the sore boobs mine seems to come and go a little, and I have never got sore boobs in run up to period! And the last couple of days had the yellowish cm- i think im 9dpo, af due fri! So we will see!

    Baby dust to all xxx
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