i need a cp expert!!lol

hey ladies,i was due to ov tuesday but had ewcm the saturday before so we bd'd that night and sunday night and tuesday night,but since sunday my cervix has been high and firm along with watery-milky cm and today(weds) cervix is so high i can barely reach it and rockhard and still watery/milky cm so do you think i caught it saturday and we conceived or do you think im just late ovulating and that its still to come?? thanks x x x:\?:\?


  • g/c, its hard to tell tbh, because ur cervix tends to go back to pre-OV state after OV, and will only soften (to suggest pregnancy) towards AF date. the sign of pregnancy is if it softens towards 12dpo, but if it stays rock hard towards 12dpo, then thats not a good sign. so it is too early to tell, and even then, CP can change in a few hours, so its not a reliable indicator always. I would say that if youve had EWCM then you have OVed around that time, ewcm is only produced when fertile. the milky CM is just general im afraid!

    ***sending baby dust!!***

    grace 35 weeks x
  • Hi blimey

    I used to follow my cp and i did for 2 cycles but my position was wrong when i was OVing and when i was on AF and i have been reading on the internet that you shouldnt really follow your cp as it is different for everybody, So i stopped as mine was never right with my cycle, Ive just been following my CM as it confused me too much.

  • Thanks,its bloody complicated isnt it?!lol i'll just have to hope the swimmers met the egg saturday night then! fingers crossed! thanks
  • I think i might of OVd on wednesday last week as i had EWCM and i think my cp was medium height, i still check it every now and then, even though i know its never right. :lol:

    Quite confused.com now as it looks like im getting the EWCM again, its like a milky watery type like you said and i cant really tell much difference between EWCM and the milky/watery stuff. Makes me sound silly. :lol:

    Good luck this month!

    MPP (month 4)
  • ah now i might be able to help you!!,i had that a couple of months ago-2 lots of ewcm and the second lots it a second surge of the hormone estrogen-its just your body getting ready for either implatation or your next period,the first one will be when you ov'd x baby dust to you!!
  • oh thanks image

    Fingers crossed its me getting ready for implantation then, Ive been paying close attention more this month.

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