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I said i would not do this but here we go!:lol:

Right i am roughly DPO8 and have been getting a low dull backache, a pain low down on my right side almost were leg meets body! and lots more dischage then normal and just not felt right the last couple of days a bit spaced out like! (but that could just be because ds is teething and up at all hours!)

Am i reading to much into all of this! Opions welcome!

Also please help me step away from the HPT untill the 2nd sept:roll:



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  • i have also been feeling very strange lately!! testing on sunday...

    got back ache, feeling sick, periody cramps.. very strange. makes me wonder whether its all in my head!!
  • Fingers crossed for all of us!

    Lucyah let us know how you get on on Sunday hopefully you will get your BFP!

    Sherbertfizz were almost cycle bud's best of luck holding out i know i am prop going to test early let me know if you get anymore symtpoms!

  • will do girls.. image thank you!!!

  • Hi all... I am 8dpo today too. The last few days have felt completely out of it with stomach cramps back ache and mood swings. But today I feel normal. Think I am symptom spotting. Not testing till Tuesday. Don't want to wait!!
  • Hi well I'm due AF on weds and normally bout 10 days before I'm due my (.)(.) get very large and very tender (last few times was convinced I must be pregnant cos of this) anyway this cycle they have stayed normal but for the past week or so I have been getting AF cramps on and off, have felt sickly a few times too, trying not to get my hope's up tho as it's probs just my body playin tricks!!!!!!!

    good luck to you all, it all sounds promising doesn't it!! xx

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  • Hiya I have tried not too do this BUT my nipples are very sore, dont wanna read to much into it but i have never felt this way before - a woman at work comment on my breasts looking massive yesterday and I told her they were killing me, she told me she felt like that four times in her life and all four she was pregnant lol obv she doesnt know im even trying!

    Also feeling sick and tired but dont actually think there pregnancy related, just think im tired from working so much and feel sic k from being tired...

    I keep weeing aswell but again think this is related to the above cos im drinking lots of tea to comfort my sick and tiredness which is probably making me wee.

    Im also eating loads but thats probably cos im a greedy guts - hehe!!

    So basically i have sore nipplies lol xxx
  • does anyone else have really bad wind??? lol
  • haha, I just read my post back - what am i like lol xxx
  • omfg, the wind must of been a good thing..... got my BFP this morning!!!!!
  • brilliant news! Congratulations to you X X you must be thrilled!
  • brilliant news! Congratulations to you X X you must be thrilled!
  • Congratulations lucyah h&h 9months.

    lets hope i have started a lucky thread!!

    starting to think my symptoms were in my head felt fine yesterday but again not feeling quite right today and have relised pmt has not kick in yet normally get it about 10 days before af shows so who knows!

  • That's fantastic! Congrats image how many dpo r u? I nearly used a cheap test this morning but stopped myself as still v early for me I think xx
  • Oh wow congratulations!!! right ladies bring on the wind!! lol xx
  • Josephs mummy can i just say your name makes me smile image I love the name Joseph and want to call my boy (if I have one) Joseph image xxx
  • thanks girlies!! image yeh, the wind must of been a good thing!! hehehe! 14dpo but the CB digital says 2-3 weeks, still trying to work out some sort of due date!!

    the eating alot and a spotty face did it for me

    i was using the cheap tests and i found them shit! the line was so faint i started to think they were evap lines!!
  • Thanks broodkate! obviously we love the name to and its not very popular also joseph was born near christmas!!

    lucyah what tests were you using as i have been using one step pg test and been getting very very faint lines! but am thinking they are evaporation lines so am not disappointed when AF shows.

  • Hiya! I've tested with the cheapie strip tonight too and got a v v v faint line? evap line do we think? I have a sainsburys own HPT dunno when to use it????? xxxx
  • hey ladies. . Spots! I totally no what your taking about. . Last two days i have loads. . Neck And face. . Don't normally get these! Don't no what make up gonna hide lol. . If this is not a sign why have these come up. . dh Got ear ache from me yesterday think he thinks Im looney lol x X. Im 8dpo girls x
  • oh no i want spotty BFP not AF lol xxx
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