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I have been looking back through posts, and see you got a BFP. You were experiencing a dull tummy ache post ov.

I have had a dull af type pain since ov, and am now 6dpo. I was wondering if this was the same as you had? I get a sharp pain mainly in right side now and again, which was the side my ov pain was on.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and, my PMA is ok. But if get a BFN, then will prob go to dr's to find out why I'm having pain all through my cycle!!

Congrats on your BFP, hope you are ok, and thanks if you get back to me. xx



  • Bumping, in case mrskc is about. xx
  • Im not mrskc but i had the same thing, from ov....its felt like a dull ache sitting on my pelvic bone....and i had twinges to my right.....found out today that where i ov from for this pg so u never know hun!!!! It was the only thing i had different to my normal 2ww xxxxxxxx
  • Thanks so much woomummy.

    I'm now 8dpo, but still getting the same thing. Did a cheapy pg test, and bfn. But know it could be too early still. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    Thanks again! xx

  • It takes 6 to 12 days honey for the egg to implant so you never know. These are sound like such good signs. What else have you got or had??

  • Last night went to bed about quarter past nine as really tired, had strong cramps. Today have dull ache on the right side, instead of the sharp pain. Have had backache a lot as well.

    Not reading too much into the tiredness, as I don't sleep well anyway. I was on a late shift, followed by an early. So am usually tired after that!

    Just worried it's all going to be the pill still getting out of my system. Despite having had a proper af last month! xx
  • Oh hun the wait is just the worst part eh? What date are you due to test?

    Is there anything that is going on that will or can take your mind off this?

  • Mine never went it literally started at 2dpo....and i still get it now, im 20dpo i think just not as constant, and i had 2 episodes of if i got up quickly i got very dizzy!!!
  • k-lou, no don't think anything will take my mind off it!

    woomummy, you've definitely boosted my PMA. Having little twinges still, and just aware of my lower abdomen, if that makes sense?! xx
  • thats just how i felt, it didnt hurt at all, just like a heavyness there is how id describe it! I didnt have any increase in cm or sore boobs like previous months (when i didnt get my bfp) so its not always the normal markers that are right!!! I got my bfp 7dpo very early i know but think that was luck tbh!!! Keep your pma up girlie, its the one thing that will get you through it!!! Goodluck hun xxxx
  • Sorry k-lou forgot to say af due Sunday. Will probably use CBD in evening if she stays away.

    Thanks xx
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