is it to soon..

to have any signs of being pg?? hi girls i think im going mad we only bd 10 days ago but the pass couple of days ive had pains in the bottom of my tummy which ive had before and im going for a wee alot more then normal could it be or do you think its a water infection!!lol.
any advice would be gr8
thanks clare


  • Hi Clare

    it depends when you ovulated! If you were ovulating around the same time (10 days ago) then there is a chance you could be getting PG symptoms as the embryo tends to implant around 7 days.
    I would wait a few more days and then test!
    When is your period due?
  • Hi i was ovulating 10 days ago and af is due at the end of the month!
    Fingers crossed and thanks for the reply.
    Luv clare
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