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Coming off Dianette - anyone any experience?

Hello all!

We are getting married in June and plan to start trying for a baby straight away after the wedding. Im on Dianette (a pill prescribed for those with skin problems) at the moment, have been on the pill (several different ones) about 9 years. Has anyone had any experience of coming off Dianette? I think I've freaked myself out by reading too much stuff online and Im getting worried now! Im worried that my skin will go back to being horrendous (although its not great now) and that it will take us ages to conceive. I was initially going to stop taking the pill in April but Im nearly at the end of this pack and Im thinking about stopping it this month now to get it out of my system and get things back to normal. Sorry to babble (all this is driving me mad!!). Anyone got any ideas? Experience/advice? Thanks!!


  • Hi hel1982,
    I was also on Diannette because of skin problems when younger. I came off in Sept and had 6 months without an AF. I think it's on its way as we speak as i have had a lot of dark (old blood stuff) today. My skin has gone quite bad again but doc put me on some topic solution which you put directly on skin, although not allowed to use it when pg so no idea what i'm gonna do if that ever happens. Hope this doesn't depress you to much and good luck.
  • Hi,
    I was on Dianette and came off in January. Still no af and a few spots but not too bad. Would come off now to be honest as it does seem to be very common for cycles to be messed up at first. Wish I had come off it earlier as want to be pg now (got married in Dec). x
  • Hi hel,

    I can possibly help!

    I was on the pill for 11 years, with being on Dianette for the last five years. Looking back now, I really wish I had stopped taking it sooner as it took oh and I over a year to conceive.

    Think you have to weigh it up as some people find themselves pg soon after stopping pill, it just didn't happen to me. If you are prepared to use other means of contraception whilst it gets out of your system, then that's the advice i would give. Otherwise, would you be prepared to fall pg straight away as there is still a chance that could happen? It's a bit of the old Russian Roulette I'm afraid!

    I didn't want to stop taking it before my wedding day as I didn't want to have spots! Sounds silly now I know, but it turned out that I never had any more than usual anyway and still don't - just the odd annoying one every now and again!

    Hope this helps a bit. Try not to worry (easier said than done as I'm the world's worst!)

    Take care xxxxxxxxxx
  • Does anyone know is Dianette particularly bad for making it hard to conceive when you come off it? Hope not x
  • Not sure but i'm pretty sure that it is quite a strong one.
  • hi, it took me 6 months to get my af back after being on dianette for about 5 years. I think it is a strong pill maybe worth speaking with your gp? My skin didn't really get worse, but the doctor gave me some lotion which worked well! good luck with whatever you decide x
  • Thanks for all your replies, they really do help.

    Em1978 not wanting spots on your wedding day does not sound silly to me, thats how I feel aswell, but I think I will come off after this pack as my skin is really not great at the moment so I dont even know if this drug is helping anymore!

    We dont want to get pregnant before the wedding (as tempting as it is to start trying now), I've got so much to look forward to in the next few months, 2 of my friends hen weekends, their weddings, my hen do in magaluf (cant ruin one last girly hol!) and of course I want to be able to feel well and have some drinks on our wedding day and honeymoon too.

    I just hope my skin doesnt get worse as it really does make me feel miserable, although Im not willing to stay on Dianette any longer as I dont think its good for us, and I dont want to delay becoming pregnant any longer than coming off the drug seems to do either.

    Looks like its decision made! I do feel apprehensive about all this but Im just going to have to get on with it!

    Thanks ladies. Baby dust to you all x
  • Hi hel1982,

    I was also on dianette for bad skin and came of pill a few months ago, i have a cream which I use from the doc's called duac I also use Clairns facial products these help me out

    Good luck !!!
  • Mum wanna be, how long did it take you to get your first af, if you don't mind me asking? x
  • PS sorry for hijacking your threat hel1982...this is a very worrying topic for me! Hope everything goes well for you and good luck with the wedding M x
  • PS sorry for hijacking your threat hel1982...this is a very worrying topic for me! Hope everything goes well for you and good luck with the wedding M x
  • Hi, I was on Dianette for a long time: about 6 years on / off.
    I took few breaks from it and I had no problems with AF. At that time, I didn't try for a baby but my periods stayed regular. In some countries - like USA this pill isn't available. There is lots of bad publicity about the pill: not too good for your liver, etc. 2 years ago my doctor changed my pill to Cilest. Same as you - I came off it in the end of Jan and haven't had my period yet.
  • oh no I just googled coming off dianette and there are loads of horror stories about how it affects fertility. apparently it's banned in america?? does anyone know anyone who HASN'T had problems coming off it? starting to panic now! x
  • Hi girls,

    I too am now slightly worried about this - I've been on Dianette for the last 6 years and came off it in January. I started spotting on Tues and expected AF but nothing yet. POAS last night and got a BFN so def not that. Hoping AF comes soon...
    Hel1982, we also get married in June and want to start ttc now as oh will be going away with work for 5 months straight after the wedding image What date are you getting married on - we're the 14th x
  • I didn't have any problems coming off it, as I stopped it in Dec 06 and had regular afs since. I started TTC in July 07 and got a positive HPT test in Jan 08. What I did find out is that after 6 or so months coming off, my af was longer and heavier than before, so couldn't detect when I ov'd, until I used OPK tests daily.

  • Ooh forgot to say I've been off it 5 weeks now and have had no problems with my skin (if it flared back up before the wedding I'd be gutted too) x
  • Hi,

    I have been on Dianette for my skin and i came off in October and have been TTC ever since.

    My periods and OV dates have all been bang on 28 days/day 14 so no issues with that although my skin has got quite horrible which is depressing me.

    I don't want to start putting anything on my skin as i will only have to change it again when i get preggers!

    We are now TTC month 6 and i just thought it was because of the general statistics that we were not PG yet and never gave it any consideration that it may be due to my type of pill. Don't want to read the horrer stories as they may just make me panic more.....imageimage

    Can we get any more positive stories please to give us hope???? :cry:

  • Hi all

    Thanks again for all your replies!

    day dreamer - our wedding is on 22nd June, a week after yours, so excited! Not long to go now!

    It would be good to hear some more positive stories, I have read some but I must admit most have been the opposite image(

    All we can do is hope for reasonable skin, returning to a normal cycle asap and babies soon after that! Positive thoughts ladies!! x
  • hi my post earlier said it tool me 6 months to get my period back after dianette...i am now 9 weeks pregnant (my cycles were a bit irregular, but I had 2 af's then a BFP) I used the cheap ovulation sticks from ebay.. the worked for me! good luck everyone I really hope you get your BFP's soon. x x x
  • Oh phew at least it is possible then! After reading one website I almost felt like giving up ttc altogether! 6 months seems to be quite a common period for getting af back from what I have read, so I guess don't need to waste any more money on hpt's until at least june!
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