FAO anyone who has had a mirena coil removed

Hi all,

I had my mirena coil removed two weeks ago due to some very bad discomfort and wanting to start ttc again.

What I wanted to know is -

did you bleed after having it removed ?
and if so how long did it last?

The reason for this is that I had mine removed on the 1st and i'm still bleeding now. It's not as bad as it was in the first week as during this time I found I couldn't move as I was bleeding so heavily with clots. This finally stopped after 8 days. My partner and i then had sex last night for the first time since having it removed and it has made me bleed again.

Is this normal?



  • I would say yes it is....

    I had my coil removed after 3mths of non -stop bleeding (the nurse made me feel soo guilty because aparently they cost the NHS ??100 a time). But I'm sorry 3mths bleeding????

    I had mine removed over a year ago now and went back on to the pill which took me back to normal quite quickly but the same as you I experienced a lot of discomfort and bleeding on and off for the first few months after it was taken out.

    It might be worth checking everything's ok with the doctor anyway.

  • i had mine taken out mid jan but i had it done when i knew af was only a couple days away!! af arrived 4 days later for about a week but i am still waiting now for af!! on CD53/54 ish!!! i have really irregular cycles so do not panic this wont happen to you!!!! lol

    i think it prob is normal but if its still an issue in a few days i'd prob speak to doc!!!

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