Do you weigh more during ovulation?

Hello everyone

Does anyone know if it is normal to weigh more during ovulation? I'm trying to be healthy just before Christmas and thought I was doing really well, lost 3 pounds and then today I am back to the weight that I started at. I have just ovulated and feeling very bloated so thought it might be that. If it isn't, then I need to eat even less!



  • OOOh good question and what a brilliant statement that would make to your OH! "feel so bloated tonight - totally blaming the release of my egg" haha

    On serious note - no idea but I will be totally weighing myself next Thurs when I OV to see if I have a change image
  • I think you must weigh more, I ov'd around sunday and when i went to slimming world on Tuesday i'd put on a 1 1/2lb!! It's got nothing to do with having a weekend away and eating out!!
  • G/c But I used to feel bloated after ov and that's because you retain more water leading up to AF.

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