Analysing Again

Hey all, I'm really trying hard not to over-analyse my symptoms this month (yeah right!), but seriously, I'm just NOT going to check my body every 5 mins, especially my boobs! Lol. image Anyway, some background info for those interested and maybe in a similar position

Started folic acid 4th July
Got married 4th September
Came off the pill 22nd September, came on on the 3oth Sept
Next period 28th October
Next period 25th Nov
Next period 25th Dec (2 days late) stressing over my possible symptoms probably!!

Really thought it might have been my month last month as had quite a few similar symptoms to those I had read you could get when preggers. Especially sore boobs and nipples (sorry TMI), a fair bit of discharge (slightly browny - sorry TMI again!), and just feeling "different" to the past few months, However, looking back in my diary (I literally write EVERYTHING down), looks like we only BD'd twice around ovulation, not leading up to ar anything, Anyway, this month, Jan, I have got the Clearblue Ovulation Test stick things, tested Tues 5th and had my smiley (see previous post), prior to that we BD'd the Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun last week and this week Tues, (with my smiley face) Wed, and this morning, god, quite a bit actually,thinking about it.image Anyway, I've noticed that my discharge is not browny this time, its kinda clear and white, bit slippery maybe.... Hubby said he first noticed it last Tues, but didn't tell me, so I am defintely ovulating, so if I count Tues, 5th, as ovulation I'm 3 DPO or thereabouts. AF due 22nd Jan. I think, since coming off the pill, this is the first month of really properly trying so I am keeping everything crossed, and trying not to think too mcuh and look up too much on the internet, even tho as I am typing this I have another page minimised with ovulation information. God help me. So, anyone else about 3-4DPO? Any symptoms? Zxx
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