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early pregnancy symptoms vs no symptoms



  • Great thread!! Thanks to all the ladies who've replied!!

    When I was pregnant the first symptoms I had was starting to feel slightly travel sick when in the car or on the bus.

    LizB- can you remember at what stage you experienced this?? All weekend, almost as soon as the car got going I'd feel sick and get really hot and uncomfortable..! I'm only on day 19 though so would be crazy to think it was a pg symptom...!!

    L x
  • Great thread - I have only just discovered it and am now of the opinion that no symptoms are in fact a symptom!! I'm on the 2ww and trying not to get my hopes up again as everytime they are dashed I get so upset. Trying to be positive and this thread has definitely helped!

    S xx
  • i must admit i kinda started this thread to make myself feel better in regard to none existant symptoms on 2 week wait! thanks to everyone for their replies! babydust to all!
  • hi all,

    i had slight cramps in CD16 that lasted for a week or so. Otherwise nothing much. AF due in 4 days been TCC for 2 cycles now. Boobs a little sensitive and larger... Hope I get BFP this cycle

  • hi everyone, its great to read this. imy period is due in just under 2 weeks, but i have a "hunch" i could be pregnant. my nipples are slightly darker, my boobs aren't sore, but they have gotten a bit fuller i think, and feel a bit nauseous and weepy, ive always had a freakishly good sense of smell, i think it's because i'm partially deaf, but it seems even better now, lol. im a bit bloated and it seems i've put on a bit of weight in a short space of time. i know its probably too early for these symptoms, or theyre symptoms of AF, but i normally feel perfectly fine during my cycles (very minimal pmt, im lucky that way!). but hoping i'm not just imagining these symptoms cos im hoping for a positive, the wait is killing me lol 

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