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early pregnancy symptoms vs no symptoms

hey everyone, just thought i would start a thread in regards to women who have found out they were pregnant but had no typical symptoms of pregnancy or very little symptoms. i was just wondering how common this is and if you have experienced no/little symptoms-how did you find out you were pregnant?!
just want to say as well congrats to all the recent bfp's and babydust to those of us still trying!
xxx :\)


  • i tested 3 days early because I just didn't feel right. Couldn't put my finger on it but I think deep down I knew. I had this with my 2nd too, albeit I was 3 weeks late and the tests were saying negative a blood test proved I was. xx
  • hi pinkpower - is it worth posting this onto the pregnancy forum and then cut and pasting (or something) the answers back on here I wonder? agree would be good thread but not sure how many peeps pop back onto here once they've got pg, so not many will see it? x
  • I am nosey so constantly pop back!

    I would have had no idea I was pregnant had I not taken a test (at 10dpo). I felt normal and only did the test because I had a whole load of them and I thought I might as well. I remained symptomless until I first started getting a bump and feeling kicks at around 16 weeks.

    The only things I can identify as *possibly* being pg symptoms were a very sight feeling of nausea if I got over-hungry and a bit of constipation. This was at about 6-8 weeks. I didn't truly believe it until my 12 week scan as I just felt 100% myself. I still do now, apart from backache.

  • yeah im nosey too lol
    to be honest the only thing that made me do a test was because i was 2/3 days late, i felt completely myself. im now 7 weeks and at 6 weeks the bad nausea started and a few days after i got bfp i was more tired and going to bed earlia. but before then i had no symptoms as such xx
  • Hi there,
    With my lo, I tested because i had really sore boobies, that sore i had to wear a bra in the bath! I sort of had a 'feeling' though.Got full- blown morning sickness at about 6 weeks!

    Congrats to all you with your BFPs xxx
  • to be honest i didnt really feel any different....i had tested from 6dpo and whats weird is that i got a faint faint bfp...didnt believe it at the time but tested every few days after and the line got darker! Im panicking now in case its twins as my hcg levels seemed quite strong very early!

    The only thing i can think of is about 7dpo i started to get a strong sense of smell....i could smell absolutely everything! I also was getting some nausea and indigestion at night!

    I got a bfp ( that was darker) on cd23 of a 26 day cycle and by my due date the line was very very dark! I was 3wks and 5 days at that point, im not 5+2 and i havnt got alot of symptoms apart from tiredness and occasionally queasyness in the morning!

    good luck on getting your bfp....sending loads of babydust your way!

    cheryl xx
  • hi i didnt realise i was pg until af didnt arrive, so i did a test and got a bfp. im now 7+5 and still dont have any symptoms, apart from very slightly sore breasts. i dont feel pg at all! x
  • I had no symptoms! The only thing i had was cramping like af was going to come but see never did so i tested! They say pregnancy symptoms dont normally show till about 6 weeks, I got cramping alot even past my period due date, but it is subsiding and my nipples are now starting to hurt and i feel queasy after eating but just feel normal really! xx
  • This is a really interesting post and its great to hear how people differ...

    I want all the symptoms going as early as possible image x
  • gosh lots of replies already! i agree with goonie that its really interesting how everyone differs! knowing some of these stories helps with my PMA a little as now going onto month 12 ttc so need all the pma i can get!
    babydust to everyone!
  • I tested 4-days early and got my BFP. I didn't have any symptoms except from REALLY sore boobs.

    I just felt weird in the sense that I felt so normal and just really really well.

    Sounds odd I know!

  • hiya - i tested 1 day early and did so because i didnt feel right. My appetite and tastes were differing and i had stabbing pains a few days early - very sharp and painful so though of implantation. Sickness kicked in at 6 weeks but am beginning to feel better now at 11weeks 2 days.
    First pregnancy had really sore boobies, no other symptoms but a test a few days before af due was bfp. Sickness from 8 weeks to 18 weeks but no stabbing pains. Very weird how every pregnancy differs
  • A very interesting topic, keep the replies coming ladies! x

  • When I was pregnant the first symptoms I had was starting to feel slightly travel sick when in the car or on the bus and I got little bumpy spots on my forehead a few days before my af was due.
    I was lucky as I didn't get very bad sickness but around week 7 my sense of smell was insane and I couldn't stand eating anything that had a strong smell or even be around hubby when he was cooking it!

    I was convinced we hadn't got pregnant as I had all the normal af symptoms, cramps etc. I tested when I was one day late (as I was always on time) and got a bfn and waited another 4 days to test again and got a bfp! My lo is nearly 8 months old now and we are ttc number 2!

    Good luck ladies, hope you get your BFP soon! x
  • Yes interesting topic as everyone is so different. I got veins on my boobs and nipples changed colour and had af type cramps on the day af was due. tested and got a bfp! sickness didn't start til 6 or seven weeks with both my pg though and it wasn't as bad with the second. Its funny though cos although the sickness is awful, when you're not pg but are ttc again, all you want is to feel a little bit sick to tell you there's a baby growing in your tummy! x
  • hiya i got my bfp last week. at the moment i dont feel any different, although felt a bit light headed on saturday morning when stood up quickly. other than that had lower back ache about a week before af and slight tingling of boobs, but these symptoms have all gone now.
    i send you loads of love and babydust. and good luck
  • hi with both my ggirls i got severe morning sickness from 4 weeks and hospitalised at 6 weeks due to dehydration as i couldnt keep anything down so i deffo knew i was pg before a test lol
  • Hi there
    Well I had absolutely no symps which really surprised me as on TTC pages everyone seems to be symptom spotting or 'just know'. Anyway I was convinced I wasn't pregnant and only took a test 2 days before af due because I was bored of waiting for AF to show (on 33 day cycle) and wanted to know whether I could have a wine or 2!!
    You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw those 2 lines!!
    So just goes to show - it ain't over until AF arrives!! - or not - babydust to all.
    Mobo x

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