just passed ov anyone want to go instane with me

image this is my first month not charting my ov as I'm trying to be more relaxed after 12 months of TTC and totally driving myself crazy.... anyway I think I ov'd sometime over the weekend... only coz I tend to get frisky around ov and it's been one of those weekends lol! Anyway I'll not be testing until around the 5th May and it seems forever away so anyone around the same time in there cycle wants to go insane with me?????


  • Yes: I think I am 4do according to cbfm! and I have decided no early testing this month. I have just been in tesco and avoided the aisle with pg teests in them. I am not even going to 'stock up'. I will get one when I am late. (I am saying all this at the moment but I am sure I will be killing myself at 10dpo)
  • I have managed it the last 3 months and just waited on AF to arrive... this is the first month I have actually been chilled out about it..... I actually had to think when was my last AF which is quite scary since it arrived on my first wedding anniversary! I'll help you to step away from the PG tests lol.:lol:

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  • This is our first month too :\) I'm on CD13, ovulated some time yesterday I think so 1DPO for me! AF due 3rd May but we're on holiday with friends so if she doesn't show then ideally we would want to wait until we're home to test. My cycles are 26 days every month so if I'm late then I'll have a fair idea what the result would be!

    Going mad already though. I wanted to be relaxed about it all but I think I am going to be terrible for symptom spotting!
  • think im past ov ut not sure bu how much, took a ov test today and got no line at all so am guessin ive o'd xx
  • Hi me please I think I ov yest maybe today.we bd yest but won't b able to 2night so will 2moro just incase!
    I really hope get bfp soon this time round!
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