Any other veggies out there....

.... and if so, what are you having for dinner?

Always gets to this time of the day and I start thinking, 'Goodness, what sort of feast am I going to whip up tonight for my hard working hubby and bubblet'.

I thought I might pinch one of your ideas if I canimage



  • I am jot a veggie but cook loads of vegetarian meal because I always feel so heavy after eating meat.

    So I had this yesterday:
    Selfmade yellow split pea curry
    makes four
    Cook abt 200g of split peas until soft but not mushy. in wok(of deep frying pan) fry onions with some garlic and add coyenne pepper, sweet paprika, coriander and some ginger. Fry for a wee while, then take of the heat and add 150g yoghurt and cook for 5min without boiling. now add 100g coconut cream, 2chopped tomatoes(or 2tbsp of puree) and 200ml stock. Leave to boil for about 10mins, the add peas and leave for another 10mins. Then stir in abt 200g of spinach und cook until wilted.
    Enjoy image

    if that's to complicated, my fav quick dish is:
    Mashed potatoes and green beans baked in creme fraiche and cream sauce with cheese
    Just put mash around the edge of oven form, put cooked beans in the middle, mix some creme fraiche and cream or milk and pour over top, sprinkle some grated cheese, put in oven for 5mins at 150degree until cheese is melted


    if you have some nice recipes...I am always looking
  • Wow Shuck!

    They both sound delicious! I've just printed the recipes off and am off to the shop now to get the ingredients. My hubby isn't gonna know what's hit him when he gets home to 'Yellow Split Pea Curry'. Yummy!

    Thanks for taking the time to share the recipe and method. I'll let you know how it goes:\) xx

  • Enjoy your meal tonight!
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm a veggie and have been for about 12 years. I eat a lot of quorn and make things like spag bol, chilli, quorn chicken fajitas, i also make lots of veg soup i really like quorn noodle soup which is basically the veg version of chicken noodle soup. Although my hubby's not veggie his dad has been for 40 years so he's quite used to it and generally he eats what i eat as i cook it! Will try to think of any good recipes and let you know

  • Hi,
    I'm not a veggie but at the same time I hardly eat any meat, maybe once or twice a month when I'm out.
    Like Pam I eat the usual suspects like quorn and I love LM sausages!
    I had a really nice curry at a restaurant a couple of weeks ago - sweet potato and spinach. I was most amused (and annoyed) as it was on the menu as a veggie option but was served with a meat samosa amongst other things?!?
    Think I may be trying Shuck's curry - sounds yummy!
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