Ask the experts time :)

Right you would think after 13months ttc i would know my body a bit better...wrong!!!! Here i go :\)

Had an mc 2wks this weds....last monday and tuesday i had ewcm, bd both those days......over the wkend my chest and boobs have turned into the london underground map, its really bad and my nipples have been so sore and burning, and since yesterday im getting the extreme tiredness again!!!! Today ive had really bad cramps and had one tiny streak of old blood in my cm and now its back to i know its possible to ov straight after an mc, just seems crazy to me but i know it can happen, im not sure if i did ov last wk...although if all this had happened later in my cycle i would of been certain i had!!!!! Oh im so confused, not sure if im on the 2ww or me!!! image image image


  • ooh, how confusing for you. I'm sorry I can't help you though as I can't understand my body either - you are not alone!!! I guess you'll just have to wait and see if af turns up or wait a bit longer and test (sorry - not what you want to hear)
    (definately not an expert)
  • I agree with dg, and I'm not an expert either!!
  • Well thanks anyway girlies....surely there must be someone out there that can help, experts, experts, calling all experts..... image
  • Hi Kim

    I would say it sounds very promising and POAS (you are the queen after all).

    No but seriously i hope it is good news you deserve it.

    jen xx
  • just wanted to wish you good luck hun
    hope you get some good news image

  • Hmmm, I would say it does all sound interesting and quite promising. If it were me, I would secretly count myself as being on 2ww, and get ready to poas. But I would also be scared to believe it incase nasty old af turned up and bit my butt! (she does that!) As dg said, the only thing you can really do is wait and see, and test if no af

    Im really keeping my fingers crossed for you on this one Kim. you sooo deserve a bfp!

    here, have some sticky babydust. Its the extra lucky sort! xx
  • Sugarpuff...dont encourage bad enough as it is...anyways did one today and bfn!!! Although i made a vow not to test til nx wednesday now...if i did ov then it would show then image

    Jen, sb, mrse and babybump4, thank u for your msgs...i really hope its a good sign...although right now i dont trust my body...fed up of feeling so confused all the time...wish i could dig myself a hole and hide for the next wk!!! Thats how i feels bb4, im scared to believe it...i know what a witch she can be and can imagine her biting me in the arse when im not looking!!! I know there nothing anyone can say that i dont know myself...i have to wait dont i....til wednesday and test all i need is someone to stop me reaching for the sticks b4 then!!! xxxxx
  • Here, put these extra thick oven gloves on, then get hubby to tape 'em on right tight! There! lets see you hold a little stick and hit the target now girlie! xx
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