CD 3 - anyone else need a cycle buddy?

Hey girlies. Am on cd3 of a 28 day cycle so will be testing on 15th May! Hopefully I will be able to hold out that long because quite frankly Im sick of wasting hpts. Ive got a superdrug one and 2 clearblue digis ready and waiting. Hubby has decided he is taking control this month - which means no SMEP. He reckons that if we bd everyother day that it will definately work. Well (for once) I hope he's right. Anyone need a partner? Jen x


  • hi jen. have you been ttc long? ill prob be joining you, we only started ttc this month and today is cd28, normally cycles 25-28. pretty sure af will come and ill be cd1 tomorrow or pretty soon! x
  • Hi Jen

    I am on day 5 and also have a 28 day cycle and I'll be testing on the 12th, so if you want a buddy, I'm here.

    I have just bought some cheapy tests because I am a poas addict but hopefully won't be as bad this month.

    I think we are taking the same view as you, just bding every other day or so from day 10 and enjoying it. :0) we are using pre seed this month thought so fingers crossed.

    How long have you been ttc?

    Vic xx
  • Sorry so excited, we must have posted exactly the same time lol. xx
  • lol, no probs vic. i have still never poas, will do tomorrow if af hasnt arrived by then. bought some in sd the other day. our plan (i say our.....), hubby doesnt wana know about ov dates or anything. is just to bd every other day or so around ov. only started ttc roughly 3 days before ov this month, as were planning on leaving it till end of year x
  • I think thats the best way. The month I told hubby just in passing when the time was the time, he completely freaked and didn't come anywhere near me. Said he wanted things just to happen (he also didn't realise that there is only a window of opportunity every month either). lol he asked the other week if I was and I said nah you've missed it and you don't need to know lol. he seems ok and much better with that - lol.

    You are so good excited, I could never wait, I'm terrible. thats why I buy cheap ones, don't even know if they would show a BFP lol.

    My fingers are crossed for you though.

    V x
  • lol, men!! yeah hubby wants to keep it casual, he didnt realise was only certain times of month. we were leaving it till the end of the year as he currently faces a risk of redundancy, they are closing the plant he works at but figured when is the right time and it could take ages!! which ones do you buy? i bought superdrug ones as a lot of girls on here seem to rate them x
  • I just bought ones from Amazon. They are something like 2.47 for 15. My friend laughs at me, but it saves a lot of money because they last 2 months - lol. I also have a couple of the CBD off amazon and they only cost 8.50 for the two. They are being kept though for when I do finally get my BFP.

    V xx
  • yeah i can imagine the cost must add up and im sure the tests will be absolutely fine!! i didnt buy a cbd but would if i got a bfp on a sd test. ive never been more than 28 day cycle in the 6 months been off pill, cd 29 tomorrow so will test in morning if af doesnt pretty sure it will tho x
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