I got my BFP :)

Hello ladies

I don't know if any of you will remember me as I have not been on here for a month or so as I was not trying for a baby, due to a molar pregnancy I had at the end of December.

However, I sneakily came off the pill at the beginning of May because it was cauing me to bleed constantly and I didn't know where I was with my cycles, so I wanted to sort myself out before the doctors let me try again and going back on my fertility treatment.

AF didn't arrive so I thought my cycles were completely out of sync, as I also suffer with PCOS. My friend mentioned being pregnant but I just laughed as I'd only been off the pill three weeks.. Anyway, the following evening (last Saturday) I did one and got my BFP.. I still cannot beleive it!!!!

I hope this gives all of you a bit of hope image I had lots of trouble concieving last year but this time, it happened when I least expected it!!!

I believe I am curently 5.1wks and my baby will be due on 6th February, my father in laws birthday image I'm having a scan Monday due to my previous problems, so I'll know more then image

Donna :\)


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