Really weird...anyone help me?

Hi Ladies,

PLEASE help-I am so confused!

I had my last af on 8th Feburary-it was 4 days long which is normal for me.

I have been doing opks for 5 days now. The first one was almost positive-so I assumed I was about to ovulate and had pains on Wednesday/Thursday. Now I have had positive OPKs 5 days in a row!!! Todays being just as strong.

I am so confused. Any ideas?? I know they can pick up HCG too-but surely I can't be pg if I had af on 8th Feb?



  • How dark is the second line when you've been getting your positives? The line needs to be as dark as the control line for it to be a positive.

    If this was the case for you then I'd take a pregnancy test just to make sure! xx
  • Thanks Mrs KP-yep the line is easily as dark as the control line if not strange!

    I think I will do a HPT although I am doubtful because my af wasn't light or anything and I am assuming an implatation bleed would be lighter and shorter than a normal af-although I don't know!

  • You never know hon - I had a full af while I was actually pregnant, and my mum didn't know she was pregnant until 4 months because she was still having af!! The body is very strange at times...good luck for the test xx
  • i think ur preg image lets hope so xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Ow that is weird hun? Maybe you just having a really strong ovulation this month image or even releasing two eggs? I usually get two days of OPK's but this month I had 4 days. 3 days of very strong positives and one day getting fainter. It was very weird for me too because I know when I ov'd due to my cervix going firm and hard again after O, but then still got poss OPK the day after, very strong!! And then again the day after that? I think I might have O'vd twice as my temps were a bit scew wiff too, my spike came a day later than it should've done. I would'nt worry hun, just keep on BD and with any luck you will get that BFP!! I will say tho that the cycle I concieved last time the OPK's never went neg so I think they are a very good early indicator of pregnancy. I had to stop testing this month as I've ran out image x x x

  • Eeeek two eggs-twins!! Lol!! Now that would be a suprise! image

    I am wondering wether it's two surges back to back-perhaps I didn't release an egg the first surge? Oh who the hell knows-it's all so bloody confusing! I thought opks were meant to make it easier not worse!

    Oh well I am going to see what happens with the next few days opks. I have just ordered some hpts just so I can take one and rule it out. I do doubt I am pg simply because my period on the 8th was pretty heavy-although I know it's not unheard of. I also remember when I fell pregnant with my ds in 2005 that I had a bleed not long before I found out and I assumed that was a period. We shall see!

    Thanks Ladies

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