Post pill amenorrhea......

......anyone else had this?

Thats what the Dr have said I've got. I had bloods done, and they looked OK, and I am still waiting on a scan appointment just to check if anything else is going on.

Took my last pill 18th April and no AF at all, CD92.

Anyone got any tips to bring on AF? I am taking Agnus Castus, and have been for about 4-5 weeks, but still nothing.
This is so frustrating, I feel so out of control of my body. We want a baby so much, and this waiting is driving us nuts


  • Sorry no - I can imagine how frustrating it must be! I had a 56 day cycle last month and it almost drove me mad! What are they going to do next??
  • i had a 66 days wait so long but not as long as you, for me agnus castus didnt work, your dr can prescribe you a tablet that can bring on AF i think it is called provea or something like that, or a month on the pill can sometimes kick start things

    good luck

  • Hi mrs coxy - i have heard it can take a while for things to kick start after coming off the pill but I didn't know it had a fancy name!

    I'm slightly behind you at CD 72 days (last pill 7th may) but i'm pretty certain I haven't even ov'd yet so don't expect AF to arrive any time soon! It's so frustrating when your body doesn't play by the rules.

    When I came off the pill the plan was to wait a few months before ttc - and now a few months have past and now that we're ready, we can't arrgghhh!

    I'm planning to speak to my friend (who's a GP) about it this week and then try and make an appt with my GP to see what's happening, although I feel a bit bad about trying to make an appt for a non emergency when the GP surgeries are flooded with people with swine flu- I'm worried they tell me to stop wasting their time!!!
  • I didn't realise it had a fancy name either! I am on CD66 and getting quite frustrated! Phoned GP the other week who said to wait another month and then go in and they will check things are ok. I'm not sure i've ovulated either, no real signs. Keep getting the odd tummy twinge but thats about it. No AF and no BFP image x
  • Hi Nikki- sorry to hear that things haven't changed!

    while everyone else waits for their BPN lets have our own little gang waiting for our bloomin AF!!!!
  • Sounds a plan to me! Let us know how you get on with speaking to your GP friend. x
  • Hi guys - I can't tell you how glad I am that its friday-yeah!!!

    so I spoke to my GP friend and she reassured me that not having a period for up to 6 months after coming off the pill is normal- although acknowledged that its frustrating when ttc. She has advised me to go to my GP's and request 21 day bloods. these blood tests check the progesterone levels, which rise when you have ovulated. She has said that with long cycles you will need to go back and have repeat bloods taken until a rise in progesterone is detected. That will be the sign that you have ovulated.

    I got the impression that GP's probably won't be too concerned initially but that it you insist on the bloods being taken they will usually give in.

    so, I'm due to see my doctor on weds- will let you know how that goes and whether there's any progress!

    here's hoping for my BFP (BIG FAT PERIOD!!)

    lb x
  • Sounds very promising littleb. Let us know how you get on on Wednesday. I should be booking my GP appointment for around the 13th August to see what they are going to do for me. Think i'll mention the 21 day bloods (even though the thought of having a blood test makes me feel quite sick!) Good to know that not having AF for up to 6 months after the pill isn't anything to be concerned about. But i agree, totally frustrating! I bet if we were'nt TTC things would right themselves asap! x
  • evening all

    just a little update - I went to see my GP today. I was expecting to be told to go away and come back in 12 months time but I was pleasantly surprised that my GP was very sympathetic and supportive. While she echoed the "no period for up to 6 months is normal" line, she said that I should go back to see her in 2 months time. If I have had AF in that time then we'll know I'm ovulating but if there has been no AF and no ovulation- then she'll make a referral (not really sure what that might entail but pleased that GP was considering it as an option). I have a history of cysts on my ovaries (but not PCOS) so that might be part of the reason why she was more willing to get things moving sooner rather than later.

    So while nothing much is different just now, I feel a bit more hopeful and reassurd knowing that we might not have to wait the usual 12 months before getting any help. I didn't ask for the blood test - thought I was already doing well out of the appointment and didn't want to push my luck!!!

    lb x
  • Glad you feel better for seeing the GP littleb. It's good to know there are sympathetic GP's out there!

    I'm eager to get my GP appt booked for the week after next, it seems to have been ages since i phoned them to enquire about it all! Doesn't help that someone i used to know announced her pregnancy today, it's just made me more broody!! Fingers crossed for either a BFP(eriod) or a BFP(ositive)! x
  • i hope that your GP is helpful and you come away feeling optimistic.

    I know what you mean - everywhere I seem to turn at the minute, people are announcing pregnancies or giving birth!! not helped by the persistent post wedding tirade of "so when will you be starting a family?"

    anyway, onto more positive thinking BFP BFP!!
  • Positive thinking indeed! Have a good weekend. x
  • morning
    just came across this chat and you had exactly what i have now, i have just had the blood tests yesterday after no period for over 6 months after coming off my pill. Just wondered how things went after July last year?? Hope its good news. xxx
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