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Help.........little worried

im not due on for another week. im 10 - 11 dpo and just started bleeding, but its not like period at all. its very light and watery (sorry tmi), i really dont know what to make of it. Ive just taken a test and its neg, but dunno whether i should have waited til 1st thing in morning to do it.........!!!!



  • hi.....could it be implantation bleed?? If so then I think it might still be too early to test as I don't think hormones are emitted until implantation has taken place and will need to be another few days before you will pick it up on a test.
    Are you cycles usually regular?
    Fingers crossed for you xx
  • normally clockwork, never had bleeding like this before, not even with my 1st. normally if im on its quite heavy. will have to see how it all goes image
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