Having one of those days :cry:

I feel so flipping low :cry: Dont know y i am feeling like it and i can't shift it :\(

I am feeling really sick to the point of running to the loo just in case :roll: My Boobies are so sore i could cry i couldnt sleep on my front last night and i am waking up to wee i never feel like this and its anoying the hell outa me...... i couldnt put on my 38E bra as its to small i had ova spill image

If i get my hopes up i just know that AF will come along and crash it all and i don't think i could go through another month. I even tryed to chill with a glass of gallo and didnt like it image image image a week ago i drank the whole bottle and loved it :\?

Sorry pointless post really just feeling sad and sorry for myself :\( OH is at work so i am going to chill :\)


Gems x Month 15 ttc #2 x


  • I know how you feel gem, it's so hard not to ss and get your hopes up isnt it. every little thing we think is a sign, but find the PMA cos it does sound good and it's got to be your turn soon. I'll have everything crossed for you and I'll even have the wine for you haha xxx
  • Thanx When AF is due i always feel slightly sick but not like this image
    I have never gone off my wine..... With my past 2 mc i was fine but with my boy i went off it before i found out i was preg.
    I am hoping its all good signs but i cant help tell myself that AF will come and to stop getting my hopes up x
  • Hey Gembags,

    Try to take a day relaxing hun, maybe get some disney films out and cuddle up with your LO, my faves are Aladdin and The little Mermaid :lol:

    Your symptoms do sound quite promising, I understand that you want to keep everything in perspective and not get carried away but you've also got to have some PMA - if you're lacking you can have some of mine image xx
  • Thank U
    I have a teeeeny TIIIny bit of PMA only coz i have never felt these things before and to top it off i was in the shower and noticed i have a leeky boob image i had this with all 3 pg before and with my son it stayd leeking throught out being preg other 2 stopped leaking after MC.

    Going to play with my boy... He doent own any film's never even thought about it before hahaha i have ordered GForce for him for xmas maby its time to start getting them for me image i mean him :lol:
  • Hehe! I've watched disney films all afternoon - don't even have a LO to say I had to watch them with :lol:

    Glad you got some PMA babe and that you have leaky boobs, bit of a weird thing to say but it sounds like a good sign for you :lol:

    Hope you have had a nice day xx
  • Hey gembags sweet how u feeling now??

    I hope u had a good afternoon with your LO

    I no how u feel every month i get a little hope and AF comes crashing in :cry:

    Your symtoms do sound really good but i no what u mean it almost impossible not to get a tiny bit of hope!! i am trying really hard to keep myself busy this month and not think about TTC too much LOL (very hard lol)

    sending u buckets of PMA

    Plus a giant chocolate bar (as big as you lol) to enjoy while watching a good bit of tv tonigh x x

  • hun, i really hope symptoms are for the right reasons. i think from 7dpo its such a horrible time. it seems that the first 7 days you have loads of pma then when it gets closer it tends to disappear. i am also off my vino so hoping its a good sign. sending loads of pma.xx

    hope you had a good afternoon with lo, bb is right disney films are very good therapy.lol. my lo is 3 and we started buying them for her for easter and i have a couple put past for xmas.xxx
  • Morning ladys, I am feeling ok ;\) Totally belive we havnt done it and feeling ok about it also feeling silly coz i tested early and got a BFN :\) although i knew it would be and i am ready for AF and month 16 and so on. I know AF hasnt got me but i have no hope and if i start to hope then i will feel bad. At least if AF doent come and i do get a BFP :roll: i will be major happy.

    OH saw hpt packet and he said '' well well WELL '' All happy and i just said nope and he looked sad image My oh has never been fussed and it all doent seem to bother him. He then said '' but you don't usually test unless you feel pg '' bless him. he does listen to me. When i had the MC's and my boy all 3 time i only tested coz i knew image i know nuts :lol: Not saying that i havnt tested early before but i don't usually unless i feel right.
    Anyway thank you for letting me rabbit on and i am off to tidy up a bit image
    Bye Ladys xx
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