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I was on Micro 30 for two year just come off it about three weeks ago and tonight when I came home and got undressed I noticed two huge blue veins running trough/near my nipple area? Could this be a size affect from coming off the pill? I know my boobs and I do have veins I can see but not these these are new my husband has also said he has never seen them before.

I red it could be because I am hot? it brings them closer to the skin?

K xx


  • I came off micro 30 onto another pill and have never noticed that symptom - all I had from it was weight gain?! When is AF due? Just that veins can be a PG symptom?


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  • well I cam off my pill a few weeks ago had my last pill bleed and then started trying so I am going by a 28 day cyc for now which makes it next friday I am 6dpo now. I really have never noticed these before it looks horrid I am just freaking myself out today had yellow cm as well today which I have never had I really feel like my body is playing mind games with me.

    Those these veins are not in my head hubby can see them and said they defo was not there before. Have had sore nips but no sore boobs my boobs are not any bigger not really had any cramping for the last few days?

  • ive read that being on the pill or being pregnant can make veins on your breasts more obvious-certainly when i was on the pill i had them-and they have never gone away!
  • well i was on the pill for two years and never had them like this. I have now been off the pill for like 3/4 weeks ago

    K xxxx
  • Morning girls,

    Well the blue veins are not there as much this morning. I can still see them but no where near asa much as last night. It was sooo odd i have never had that before. I also watched sex and the city last night and cried three times, I can tell AF is on her way image
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