Can't believe Im posting here!


I'm Emma and I have a ds who is 18months. We have decided to ttc no 2!!! eek! Just waiting for cd1...

I have been trying to track my cycles but they have been a bit irratic. Last month was 24 days and I think its going to be the same again this month - in fact think today is cd1. Im worried becasue I was trying to use cheap ovulation tests last month and didnt really get a peak but I was only testing once a day. I tend to get bad ov pains so Im guessing I only OV last friday!!! So if my af arrives today I would only be 7days or so dpo.... Is that even possible?

My plan is to use ovulation tests this month and see what happens. image

Good Luck to everyone!!

I can't wait to start the journey! I am determind to enjoy it all because I think this will be the last baby image

Emma xxx image


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