Sorry, I know some of you were waiting

well I got a BFN image

It was my first POAS, and TBH it really got me down. I feel so selfish as I know some of you ladies have been trying for a lot longer than me. I'm on month 5 now since coming off the pill and I'm just so paronoid that something is really wrong. I know I'm being over dramatic and it not abnormal after being on the pill for so long (been on it for 8 years) but I'm just a bit scared that it won't happen for us.
Had lunch today with some friends and their newborn baby and it was so lovely but made me want this even more.


  • Hi Gemsy,

    I've been feeling exactly the same as you and although I only came off the pill in Jan I feel like its never going to happen. I was having a bit of a downer the other day as my best friend thought she was pregnant (without having even been trying!) and I was gutted but some of the ladies on here reminded me that our turn will come sooner or later.
    I hope you're feeling a bit better today xx
  • i just wanted to say that dont get down about it, it will happen. i came off the pill in november and by march i was pregnant which ended in a mc. i now think i'm pregnant again. i have spent most of my adult life convinced i was infertile, dont ask why i just had this feeling. when dh and i started ttc i was convinced it would never happen. we didnt do anything special, i took folic acid and he took a zinc supplment, we worked out my ovulation dates with an ovulation chart and just made sure we bd a lot over that time. afterwards he would hold my legs in the air for a good 10 minutes! i don't know if any of this helped but it worked. the thing is not to get stressed, it will happen and when it does it will be all the more fantastic, sometimes the longer you wait the better the result!! good luck xxx
  • Thank you for your kind wishes ladies image I am trying to be a bit more positive today, the sun is shining and hubby is cheerful that he'll get jumped on constantly this month! lol!
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