Hormone Screen Question

If you have a blood test for a hormone screen would it pick up pregnancy?


  • I think it would. They usually look at FSH, LH, oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone if it's a full screening. I think progesterone would inicate pregnancy or at least that's what I've always assumed xxx
  • thanks hun, trying not to get my hopes up but since friday i have been randomly wanting to throw up/nausea but i don't feel unwell at all. But all my tests are bfn, Being tested for pcos because i bleed most of this cycle, so will call the docs tomorrow and see what they say. x
  • Yes I think it's wise to try not to build up your hopes. I have pcos and get some bizarre cramps and sometimes nausea which I think may just be down to my hormone imbalance. You never know though so I would ask when you get the results xx
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