13dpo and BFN!!!!! AF not due til wednesday but at 13dpo im sure i would have at least had a faint line. knew it was all over this morning when i got up and (.)(.) were no longer sore. Really hoped this was our month as we have our first IVF appointment on tuesday so this was our last au naturle chance. Oh well, just waiting for the witch to arrive now. Hard to believe but i feel even more gutted this month than ever before. xxx


  • sorry to hear that katie... Probably harder because its your last natural cycle... My partner and i are looking into IVF atm to i know how it feels
  • i had no symptoms until 6 weeks, so dont go off sore boobies. is it an appointment to start ivf or to see consultant? i got my bfp the week after i saw a consultant who had decided to put me on clomid!
  • It is our appointment to see the consultant. We have had all our tests done and were told if my period started just before appt to begin using contraception as it is likely we will start the drugs this month. I'm due my AF the day we go so timing is good i suppose. Really hoped we would do it naturally. I'm hoping it's just a bit too early but not feeling that positive. You have given me a bit of hope though calliegh, so thank you for that.

    Miss88 sorry to hear you may be following IVF route also. Really hope you get your BFP very soon.

  • Don't give up hope just yet, it might just be a shy bfp. Fingers crossed for you x
  • hey Katie- sorry to hear about your BFN- we must be in a similar boat- my temp went way down this am and it is 13dpo for me too- we have our first appt on the 11th of jan- here's to hoping 2010 is our year- good luck
  • its not over yet Katie, stay positive xx
  • Hey girls. Thanks for the positive messages. I'm tyring to stay hopeful but all usual signs are here. Guess i will know for sure by Wednesday evening. Not testing til then as thats the day of our IVF appointment. It's just so horrible to have to wait!!!

    How are you doing ally24? Have you tested since your temp dip? I have my fingers crossed for quick BFP's all around!!

  • Hay hun i got a BFN and i am 4 days late so i know its hard xxxxx
    Good Luck Hope its a shy bean x
  • Thanks gembags. Hoping you too have a shy little bean and our BFP's are not too far away. xx
  • Thanx Hun xx (((hugs))))
  • hoping it's a shy bean xx
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