not quite sure whats going on????

morning ladies,

bit confused with whats goin on with my cycle, my af was due valentines day, but started on 13th.
it has been really really light, my cycle has always been regular, 28 days, 7 day af. my af is usually one day light then bang full flow. know i'm prob reading too much into it and full flow is prob gonna kick in soon but not had this before. at the mo, i cannot wear tampons cos its uncomfortable so jus have panty liner on

can anyone shed any light?? am i jus being silly??
any advise welcome

cheers h xx


  • Hi didnt want to r&r. maybe you should do a test just to put your mind at rest, or have you already done one? xxx
  • i agree with kimlou. to put your mind at rest either way maybe do a test if you havent already xx
  • Might be worth testing. I always had very heavy periods and when I came off the pill to start ttc my first "period" was a very light one which I thought was a bit weird. It never really came to anything so after a few days I tested and it was positive!

    It might just be your body readjusting but it might not be!

    Good luck x
  • Agreed as well. Light bleeding could be pregnancy related, taking a test at this point should give you the correct answer.
  • Sometimes I I've had early light periods, I'm usually heavy n like clock work! For me it was my body sorting it self, I've gone from 32 day cycle to 28. I've used the implant pill n injection in the past and sometimes it takes a long time for the body to adjust x
  • hey all thanks for ur responses, af came full flow this afternoon, i'm on month 15 of ttc, so cycles have sorted there self out, was jus a bit weird, ah well nevermind, on to cd 1 again
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